The same price is the strongest! Meizu 16X camera configuration announced: super sensitive camera blessing

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The same price is the strongest! Meizu 16X camera configuration announced: super sensitive camera blessing

2018-09-15 00:25:44 134 ℃

Before Meizu officially announced that the mid-end flagship Meizu 16X will be officially released on September 19, Meizu's marketing team has also entered the final stage of new product warm-up. This morning, Meizu official microblogging updated the new machine warm-up content, indicating that one of the Meizu 16X's highlights is camera imaging, and that the Meizu 16X camera configuration is "invincible" in the same price.

According to the notice content, the Meizu 16X rear camera module is a combination of IMX 380+IMX 350, together with a full set of rainbow soft algorithm, camera strength Guaranteed. If the friends familiar with the parameters know for sure, this set of sensors is actually the same as Meizu 16, which confirms the previous rumors that the camera hardware of Meizu 16X and Meizu 16 are basically the same.

However, Meizu does not have specific aperture size and lens quality. Detailed description. If these details are not done well, it is estimated that the Meizu 16X imaging effect is still difficult to reach the level of Meizu 16.

In theory, the hardware strength of the IMX 380 sensor is indeed impressive, compared to the recognized flagship IMX 363. The total size of the IMX 380 is 12 million, and the unit pixel area is 1.55 microns. It is basically the largest unit pixel area under the IMX 600.

If properly tuned, the IMX 380 can indeed produce vivid, detailed photos, especially in low light. Therefore, Meizu uses a flagship sensor on a 16X mid-range product, which is indeed a conscience.

But the previous car tells us that it is not a good sensor to ensure good imaging results. In addition to hardware quality, the tuning of software algorithms, the level of peripheral configuration, and the design of camera applications all affect the experience of mobile phone photography.

In addition to the quality of photography, consumers are now more concerned with a variety of camera functions, such as zoom experience, fun features, etc. . For mobile phone users, the purpose of taking pictures is not only to record life, but also to create fun value. What kind of evaluation can be obtained by Meizu 16X's photo level, and it needs to be judged after the real machine is released.

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