The official version of iOS 12 is online soon. Do you still believe that the new system is more fluid?

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The official version of iOS 12 is online soon. Do you still believe that the new system is more fluid?

2018-09-18 00:25:11 139 ℃

Today, Apple's official public number released a notice that iOS 12 will be officially launched soon, and will be available for download soon. The official did not announce the specific time, but all the news confirmed that it should be at around 2 am on September 18th, Beijing time. All users will receive the OTA update prompt for the new system, which can be directly updated to iOS. 12 systems.

The original new features of iOS 12, evaluation a large online search, and iOS 12 test version has been on the line for a long time, the users who have been eager to adopt early have been experienced for a long time, and we do not need to report again. This matter. However, according to our observations, it seems that a large number of users are worried about the poor performance of the former iOS11, and even believe in Apple's negative optimization, and therefore do not believe the fact that iOS 12 is optimized for the old model conscience. So no matter how the media reported that the iOS 12 upgrade was very smooth, they did not plan to upgrade. Maybe these users are below the iOS 11 version, so it doesn't matter if you don't upgrade. But if your system is on iOS 11 version, then we recommend that you update it after iOS 12 goes online. Because this new system not only has more functions, it also makes a lot of optimizations to the system operation, and the improvement of the experience is perceptible to the naked eye.

When iOS 12 was released, it claimed that app startup speed increased by 40%, keyboard popup speed increased by 50%, camera opened With a 70% increase in speed, iOS 12 allows the processor to get to the best working condition faster, making application reactions faster and reducing power consumption. After so long verification, this is not Apple Bragging. Just look at the camera's opening speed and you can feel the huge increase. Look at the slow motion.

(On the right is iOS 12, the focus yellow frame appears to be open)

This is still Just click on the opening speed of the camera app. If you swipe the screen on the lock screen to quickly open the camera, the speed is even more hangs on the iOS 11 system. Not just a camera, it can be achieved in many applications, of course the camera is the most obvious. iOS 12 is really faster than iOS 11!

The official said earlier that under the iOS 12 system, the performance of the CPU is improved, which is also reflected in the running points. But we don't have to stick to those who run points. After all, there are very few such performances. But only through software upgrades to bring such a big improvement to the system, we can't help but wonder how Apple actually did it.

Because Apple’s official did not specify the optimization method, there are many rumors on the Internet. It is said that Apple has released the temperature control limit so that the iPhone can continue to operate at a higher temperature. But more reliable is that after Apple's iOS 10 and iOS 11 systems, Apple finally solved the repeated rendering of the Matel graphics API, reducing the driver overhead, so that iOS 12 even sliding is smoother than iOS 11.

As the speed of software openness is increased due to the new CPU scheduling algorithm. The CPU is allowed to run at the maximum frequency when the software is turned on, and then the frequency is quickly lowered to ensure battery life. Such active and fast CPU scheduling is very effective and complicated. It is estimated that iOS 12 will slowly join the machine learning calculations, and such hardware performance scheduling will be further improved.

The camera speed is so exaggerated that the upgrade is mostly due to the improvement of the memory management algorithm. After the lock screen, the camera program will have a certain pre-start, so it will be so fast. This point can be seen from the background performance of 6s and other models, 2GB of memory is not large, and can still run the system smoothly and switch software. But some unnecessary interfaces will be cleaned out of memory early, such as the card in the notification center. In the iOS 11 system, even if the system card is slow, the card in the notification center is still in the background. The daily use of iOS 12 is very smooth, but occasionally the notification center card is opened but needs to be loaded.

Although other new features of iOS 12 may not appeal to you, such a The fluency is enough for you to upgrade your system. Moreover, the new features of iOS 12 are not worth mentioning. The highlight feature of carplay supporting third-party map software may not be noticed by many people, but for those who use navigation, this is also a very big upgrade! Check the screen time, limit the duration of the application, record the curve of the battery usage, the function of iOS 12 is gradually improved, and while adding so many new features, the system optimization can be improved, it must be said that Apple's software department does Great, of course, this also highlights the slag optimization of iOS 11.

I hope that netizens will not have a negative optimization mentality for Apple’s new system, at least iOS 12 does not. If you are really worried about the system card after iOS 12 after the upgrade, then look at the comments and share of the users before each update. If there is a negative optimization, it will not be updated. It is not necessary to talk about the iOS update, even think this article Also lie to everyone to update iOS 12.

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