The fastest in the country is not SF, but the biggest rival of SF, the growth rate is 3 times

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The fastest in the country is not SF, but the biggest rival of SF, the growth rate is 3 times

2018-09-18 20:25:31 147 ℃

Since the rise of e-commerce represented by Taobao, the logistics industry has also taken advantage of it. Now, each express brand has been fully integrated into our lives. The express delivery industry is booming, but behind it is fierce competition. In the eyes of the public, SF may be the express delivery service with high quality in the industry. In recent years, SF Express is also relatively high-profile, not only listed on the red flag, but also has its own more than 10 freight planes, which is also the largest in the industry.

But for the current SF, it is not the "leading" in the express delivery industry, and is facing the biggest Opponent. This opponent not only surpassed SF Express in terms of express shipments, but also achieved the nation's first; and the net profit growth rate is also amazing, three times that of SF, this SF opponent is Zhongtong.

In people's conventional impressions, Zhongtong may be at the same level as Shentong, Yuantong, Baishi Huitong and Yunda. After all, the names between them are similar, and the saying "four links and one big" has been circulating in the market for a long time. However, in fact, Zhongtong has been far from the other four in terms of business operations; and it has become a threat to SF.

Why can you see that Zhongtong is the biggest opponent of SF? All this must be said with data. First of all, looking at the market share in the first half of this year, Zhongtong ranked first in the country with a market share of 16.83%; in contrast, SF, the market share in the first half was only 8.41%, only half of Zhongtong. In addition to achieving the nation's first market share, Zhongtong has also achieved another breakthrough, that is, the daily average express delivery business has exceeded 20 million, and Zhongtong is the first.

From the perspective of the net profit of the company, according to the financial report of the first half of SF 2018, SF 2018 realized the first half of the year Received 42.504 billion yuan. However, in terms of net profit, it is not as eye-catching as revenue, only 2.234 billion yuan. According to the financial report released by Zhongtong, the revenue of Zhongtong 2018 in the first half of the year was 7.742 billion yuan, far lower than that of SF. However, in terms of net profit, it has reached a staggering 2.848 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 67.8%, and a threefold increase in net profit growth.

The development of e-commerce platform has slowed down, but the development of the express delivery industry has huge prospects. Development?