Nearly 100% screen share + Kirin 980! Glory Magic 2 re-exposure: screen fingerprint

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Nearly 100% screen share + Kirin 980! Glory Magic 2 re-exposure: screen fingerprint

2018-09-19 10:25:14 127 ℃

On the afternoon of September 17, Xiong Junmin (@荣耀老熊), vice president of glory products, was exposed through Weibo. Confirm that the glory Magic 2 will be equipped with universally optimistic screen fingerprint recognition technology, and emphasize Repeated debugging optimizations have been carried out, resulting in a better overall screen experience.

Before this, Xiong Junmin also revealed that Glory Magic 2 will be equipped with AMOLED screen, which is one of the prerequisites for the fingerprint under the screen, because AMOLED screen Not only is it outstanding in terms of color and contrast, but it is also slimmer and has higher plasticity.

Fingerprint recognition technology has evolved all the way, with front, back, and side schemes, and in today’s full screen era 3D structured light face recognition will bring "bangs" that many people can't accept. The fingerprints under the screen are widely regarded as the most perfect solution. The Android flagships of various companies are gradually introduced.

Of course, the technical difficulty of fingerprint recognition under the screen is quite large, which is the key reason why it has not been popularized.

From the perspective of glory, the fingerprint recognition of glory Magic 2 should be quite mature. With a magical full screen with nearly 100% screen ratio, the refreshing experience is worth looking forward to.

Glory President Zhao Ming will be called "Gearful Technology Year" of glory this year, AI Double Photo 2.0 GPU Turbo graphics acceleration, AIS handheld super night scene, THE NINE liquid cooling and a series of innovative technologies have appeared one after another, and the forthcoming glory Magic 2 is the focus.

Magic Slide Magic Screen with Nearly 100% Screen Ratio, New Generation Kirin 980 Flagship Processor, 40W Secure Fast Charge, Smart Life Yoyo... Currently from Glory Magic2 According to some published product information, this super flagship can be described as a lot of highlights. Zhao Ming called it “idealist mobile phone”, which will give glory more exploration and research on future technology.

According to the previous Zhao Ming, Glory Magic 2 exposure information is only the tip of the iceberg, there are more black technology to be unlocked, we will wait and see.