Meizu V8 first evaluation: How does Huang Zhang personally design the hundred yuan machine performance?

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Meizu V8 first evaluation: How does Huang Zhang personally design the hundred yuan machine performance?

2018-09-19 20:25:27 181 ℃

September 19, 2018, Meizu held a new product launch conference in Beijing, but in addition to the protagonist 16X, Xue Bajun also got a mysterious mobile phone without any spoiler beforehand - Meizu V8, allegedly Meizu's purest expression of the 2018 smartphone.

Where is this Meizu V8 will bring us some new surprises, not much to say, after learning the experience, I will chat with you, can the Meizu basics still do so well?

No bangs full screen, 100 yuan machine is full of Meizu flavor

After opening Meizu's consistently simple packaging design, the protagonist Meizu V8 debut, the real machine is still quite surprising at first glance, the new machine front is still integrated full screen design, very simple .

With the debut of the iPhone XS, this year's new machine, in addition to Liu Haiping, has recently raised a number of water droplet screens. Aesthetically not satisfactory. On the Meizu V8, it still follows the 18:9 up and down symmetrical full-screen, rounded corner design, this is not the familiar "Meizu flavor" without bangs full screen design?

At the top of the screen, we also found that the Meizu V8 still uses a separate front camera screen design, charm friends We must be most familiar with this neat forehead.

Although fingerprint recognition is very practical, the Meizu V8 is still equipped with a new face recognition 2.0, which really helps us in the wet hands.

Because Xuebajun is a high-end version of this Meizu V8, it has a rounded design around it, passing 2.5D The curved glass is round and fit, and it has to be boasted. The good touch of the Meizu mobile phone has also been inherited by it.

In the outdoor glare environment, Meizu V8 can bring higher brightness to ensure the look and feel, which is not possible without the display brightness of up to 450 nits.

And Meizu used to like metal body design, because the delicate touch of metal is irreplaceable. In the Meizu V8 high version, we can see the metal integrated body again, in addition, it also uses nano-injection technology, so it is more delicate in coloring and feel.

Under the sanding, the back arc of Meizu V8 is very close to the grip, which complements the weight of 159g.

Photographing is good, double shots are not enough

The dual camera has become the mainstream configuration of the current mobile phone camera. The Meizu V8, which pays attention to the user's photo experience, is also equipped with a dual camera combination of 12 million pixels + 5 million pixels, and also has a double color temperature double flash.

After the combination of soft and hard, what kind of level the Meizu V8 can shoot, may wish to look at several sets of proofs and then draw conclusions.

In the daytime scene, the Meizu V8's imaging is more realistic. The auto focus is relatively accurate, and the film speed is still satisfactory, and it is easy to see from the words in the proofs that the resolution is better and the shooting is clearer.

In the performance of the object, the details of the light and dark are handled more clearly, while in the degree of blurring of the double camera, the level is weaker and weaker than the contrast. To make up for the shortfall.

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In the well-lit room at night, the potted contrast of the potted plants is clearer, and the resolution is acceptable, and the noise is properly controlled. In the darker environment, the Meizu V8 can also produce brighter proofs, while the noise is inevitable, as a thousand yuan is also satisfactory.

In the thousand yuan machine, Meizu V8 not only showed the end of the full screen + double camera combination, of course, did not drop the battery.

Using the high-performance, low-power Helio P22 processor with the intelligent AI Flyme 7 system, and finally with a 3200 mAh high-capacity battery, performance and battery life All are available, giving them a whole day.

The same as the thousand yuan machine, Meizu V8 still has a small screen mobile phone experience under the 5.7-inch full screen, no bangs The full-screen blessing has a good look and feel. The familiar mBack and faster face unlocking, powerful battery life, can be called a full-screen mobile phone with hundreds of dollars to experience the color.