Released in October did not run! Apple heavy new products re-exposure: full screen without bangs, interface changes

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Released in October did not run! Apple heavy new products re-exposure: full screen without bangs, interface changes

2018-09-20 20:25:09 140 ℃
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At the Apple Autumn New Product Launch Conference on September 13th, Apple released four new products. The iPhone XR/iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max/Apple Watch Series 4, respectively, and the high-profile MacBook, AirPods2, AiPower and iPad Pro before the conference have been very cool, so that the fruit powder that is full of expectations is disappointing.

Beijing time on the morning of September 19, Apple pushed the iOS 12.1 test version to global developers, in which the developer accidentally discovered the iPad Pro From the internal documentation, Apple has already indicated in iOS 12.1 that the iPad will support horizontal face recognition, which again confirms that the new iPad is basically a full screen.

Beijing time on September 20, there are developers from iOS 12.1 firmware "Setup" The initial setup application has a new discovery - the iPad2018Fall string has appeared in the source code, basically locking in the new version of Apple iPad Pro is ready to be in place, will be officially released in the next month, that is, in October.

In addition, developer Steven TS found that 4K resolution appeared in the External Displays option when testing the app in iOS 12.1 in the emulator. Rate option, which also means that iOS devices will support 4K video output. However, the problem to be aware of is that all current iOS devices cannot pass the lightning to HDMI adapter, thus achieving 4K video output, which means that Apple wants to achieve 4K output on the iPad Pro, you must use the USB-C interface, new The iPad Pro interface has changed...

Compared with the new iPhone, the design of the 2018 iPad Pro can be said to have a big breakthrough. From the latest exposure details, the new version of the iPad Pro uses a non-bangs full-screen industrial design concept, four sides of the same width, relatively narrow, providing 3D face recognition, while the Home button, 3,5mm headphones will also be canceled The bottom interface is replaced with USB-C, equipped with A12X processor, which will regain the performance again in all iOS devices.

New iPad Pro Rendering

New iPad Pro Rendering

The biggest problem at present is what kind of price will the new iPad Pro face the market. After all, the iPhone product line has gone crazy. It seems unrealistic for the iPad line to continue to maintain the original price line. Here, I think my iPad Air2 can be used for another five years!

Editor: Wu Yonglong

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