Implied that the new machine is four photos Lenovo mobile phone routines recognize Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition this time you won

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Implied that the new machine is four photos Lenovo mobile phone routines recognize Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition this time you won

2018-09-20 20:25:17 146 ℃

After the release of the new iPhone in September, the Lenovo mobile phone "treasurer" has released a table of benchmark parameters for Lenovo Z5 and iPhoneXR, which is a hot stone. Waves also attracted followers' comments and reports from fans and the media. The various remarks did not need to be elaborated. The summary is: "The confidence of the treasurer in the Lenovo Z5 is really admirable!" /p>

This is not the Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition that was just released yesterday. It seems that I have not escaped Lenovo's palm. A "contrast map" is still exposed to the routine, but from the two watermarks on the map, it seems that the creator is a fan? The various parameters presented in the comprehensive table, combined with the price of 1299 yuan, Lenovo Z5 once again "completed abuse" millet 8 youth version, of course, there is no mention of CPU or camera more specific parameters such things.

But unexpectedly, this trip has been put up, Weibo publicly stated "This time you win "And at the same time released a swearword "Who looks at fire in October." Focus on the latter sentence, it seems that the boss is not really convinced, is it warming up for new products? Combined with the information of the official or unofficial exposure of the mobile phone before, is it firepower = four shots? It seems that the new opportunity is a new four-shot product. To say that it is behind the four shots, some exaggeration, even before and after the double shot, it is indeed able to be nervous about the millet 8 youth version. In addition, the Z5Pro, which has been designed with the slider that has been leaked before, is also very likely to be released in October. What is it? Directly compete with Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition, it seems that there is a certain chance that Z5Pro is also using Qualcomm 660 processor?

In other words, although Lenovo Z5 has been hitting porcelain competitions with its "super-confidence" for cost-effectiveness since its release, there have been some people blocking the situation of killing Buddhas and blocking the Buddha. But in all fairness, the Lenovo Z5 alone, even after the release has been more than 3 months, the price is still very good, after all, 1299 yuan can buy excellent screen quality and 6+64GB of memory, is already a value, Qualcomm 636 In terms of daily use, there is actually not much trouble.

Since Lenovo’s mobile phone’s “resurrection” this year, it’s quite aggressive and active in terms of publicity, whether it’s Xiaomi, Apple or Huawei's glory have become the object of being benchmarked. Signed Zhu Yilong as a brand endorsement, Lenovo mobile phone in the influence of fans also caught the current hot spot. Regardless of the method, Lenovo’s mobile phone has shown an unprecedented level of attitude. "I am afraid that there is no sound when I am not afraid of bad sounds." It may be the idea of ​​Lenovo mobile phone.

This routine "practice" is likely to be a pre-heating of new products. It seems that Lenovo's new products in October are not small, we can wait and see, Lenovo can then do it. What is a "good thing."