Meizu 16X, are you really doing this well?

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Meizu 16X, are you really doing this well?

2018-09-21 00:25:04 169 ℃

On the same day that Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition was unveiled, Meizu also held a press conference on September 19, releasing Meizu 16X, V8, 8X and other three models. Mobile phone. The Meizu 16X equipped with the Snapdragon 710 can be said to be quite eye-catching. However, after the press conference, Meizu officially opened a big joke with some of the charm friends.

In fact, as early as June, Meizu Huangzhang continued to break the news about the Meizu 16 series in the Meizu Forum. But unfortunately, at the launch conference of Meizu 16 on August 8, Meizu did not wait for the Meizu 16X figure. Until the September 19th conference, Meizu 16X finally appeared on the stage.

Only on the stage, Meizu 16X and Huang Zhang broke the news on the forum. Meizu 16X is not the same mobile phone. . After the release of Meizu 16 for half a month, Huang Zhang still insisted that the 16X is a dual speaker. But at the press conference yesterday, Meizu did not mention the speaker problem. Soon people discovered that the Meizu 16X is actually a single speaker. When facing the questioning, Huang Zhang said, "The main reason is that the cost cannot be sustained." And claimed that "16X materials are too fierce, 2098 gross profit is not enough to pay Qualcomm's patent fees, but unfortunately not many people know. I am willing to sell 16th and X8."

The implication is that it is not intended to discard the dual speakers. Meizu, who failed to control the cost, can only adapt to local conditions. Even with the move to cut down the speaker, the 2098's 16X is meager (or even almost no). Although Huang Zhang used the theory of cost theory to question the return. But we also noticed another problem. Someone asked if the linear motor was shrinking too much. Huang Zhang still said that "the main reason is that the cost cannot be sustained." That is to say, the fact that the linear motor shrinks is acknowledged.

But the outside world has long been a propaganda for the overwhelming linear motor, but few people have pointed out the difference between the linear motor and the previous linear motor, and where it shrinks. At least at the press conference there was no mention of linear motors. In the information given by the Meizu official website, the linear motor item is still listed in the sensor. In the Meizu 16X “Frequently Asked Questions” item, the answer is finally given: Meizu 16X does not support the horizontal linear motor.

The linear motor brings an improvement in the vibration experience compared to the rotor motor. However, linear motors are often divided into Z-axis longitudinal linear motors and transverse linear motors. Obviously, the Meizu 16X uses a Z-axis longitudinal linear motor. Due to the limited space of the mobile phone, the Z-axis longitudinal linear motor has less experience than the horizontal linear motor. Similar to Apple's horizontal linear motor, it gives the illusion that the Home button can be pressed. The Z-axis longitudinal linear motor may be greatly compromised in terms of experience.

Meizu once again chose to reduce costs, which is a matter of course for Meizu. It is also a fact that has to be accepted for Meizu. However, when looking for relevant information, we found that Meizu and Charm friends had a big joke: After the Meizu 16X was released, Meizu’s official website gave the “Frequently Asked Questions” item, Meizu supported the horizontal linear motor.

Even when the netizen asked if the linear motor of Huang Zhang was shrunk, Huang Zhang responded at 16:13. But until at least 16:31, there are still screenshots of users showing that Meizu is supporting horizontal linear motors. When we look up the official website, we have made it clear that we do not support horizontal linear motors. The fascinating friend who exposed the screenshot is questioning other people, saying that "this is changed later." Another charm friend said, "Meizu this operation is still very magical."

But for consumers, it may not be magical. At least for the first time, the Meizu 16X heartbeat, the information seen on the official website is to support the horizontal linear motor. But when I woke up the next day, Meizu 16X turned into a horizontal linear motor. But we don't know if this group of charm friends who had previously purchased the Meizu 16X retaining the horizontal linear motor will find such a god operation. At least, Meizu has not made any explanations until this time.