Meizu 16x renewed its life, but why should 16 out of the Aurora Blue new color, suicide!

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Meizu 16x renewed its life, but why should 16 out of the Aurora Blue new color, suicide!

2018-09-25 10:25:11 211 ℃

For Meizu, the current situation is very tense. Meizu 16 is very popular. It succeeded in giving Meizu a life, but it can not be followed up and the Meizu will be pulled back to the cliff. This time, Meizu 16x The release is Meizu's renewed life. If Meizu 16x does not achieve good results, Meizu's rhythm is destined to be slowed down or even cooled down. However, in such a critical period, Meizu has filled an Aurora Blue for Meizu 16. Color matching, can this be understood as suicidal behavior!

First look at the Meizu 16x phone, the appearance is the same as the Meizu 16, the configuration reduces the processor and some details, The difference between 16 and 16x is that the fuselage changes from glass to metal and the thickness increases by 0.2mm. The processor is reduced from Snapdragon 845 to Snapdragon 710, the memory is changed from ufs2.1 to emmc5.1, and the linear motor is also reduced. Also cut down, of course, the price is also 600 yuan, personally think that even if you cut these, but at the same price Meizu 16x is still a very competitive model, its retained IMX380 camera still has an advantage in taking pictures, and the other values Also did not say, I personally prefer this model!

To tell the truth, Meizu 16x has done a very good job, so why should I fill in the new color for Meizu 16, you must know that the user chooses the phone for the face value now. Requirements even exceed the requirements of the configuration, there is a problem at present, how many users will be 600 yuan, although 16x is doing well, but there is still a gap with Meizu 16, so why not wait for 16 to sell, but Meizu 16 The new color scheme gives the user a reason to wait for Meizu 16, so that the sales of Meizu 16x will naturally be affected, 16x can not sell, 16 how to produce, whether this is a dead end!

After seeing someone here, Meizu 16x can't sell and have anything to do with Meizu 16! I don't know if you have found that the Meizu offline store in your neighborhood has already closed a lot of homes. Is it understandable that Meizu has no extra funds to operate offline? Since it is so tense now, how can Meizu 16 be mass-produced? 16 is still selling so cheap!

So, ah, wait for Meizu 16's little friends to basically wait, 16x is also OK, and Meizu launch Aurora Blue is not For a wave of Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition, however, the two are not a level of products without direct competition, I really hope that Meizu can do it yourself, personally prefer this brand, really do not want to see it is so cool!

Well, who do you choose between Meizu 16 and 16x? Welcome message!