The minimum is 1713 yuan! Office 2019 officially released: compatible with Apple computers

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The minimum is 1713 yuan! Office 2019 officially released: compatible with Apple computers

2018-09-27 00:25:28 157 ℃

This spring, the Office 2019 preview version sneaked, and many people have experienced this office software in advance. Just today, Microsoft launched the official version of Office 2019 at the Ignite conference.

At present, Microsoft's Office office software can be divided into subscription and buyout versions, Office 365 will be updated from time to time, users need to pay subscription fees every year, it can give 5 PCs (Windows or Mac) ) and 5 tablets are used. As for Office 2016 and other versions, users only need to pay a fee, but only for one computer.

According to Microsoft, the Office 2019 released this time integrates the features of Office 365 over the past three years, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher. The reason Microsoft does this is because there are a lot of personal and small business users who are not willing to buy the subscription Office 365, and the buyout system is obviously more cost-effective. However, Office 2019 will not be updated in the future, which is another difference between it and Office 365.

The specific changes in Office 2019 are reflected in many details: Word adds nighttime themes, Excel has new functions, and PPT adds graffiti. In addition, only Windows 10 is supported on its own Windows platform.

It is worth mentioning that the price of Office 2019 has been announced, the personal version is 249 US dollars, about RMB 1713. In contrast, the Office 2016 Personal Edition, which is still on sale, is priced at 748 yuan in China. Not surprisingly, the price of Office 2019 will be relatively low. Of course, for most people, Office 2016 is actually quite sufficient. Now many notebooks will pre-transfer this version of Office Suite for free. There is no need to buy the latest Office 2019. However, if it's a corporate user or a professional, the many new features in Office 2019 may impress them to pay for it.

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