Writing a program is like writing poetry. Lei Jun’s programming dream is presented in another way after 30 years.

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Writing a program is like writing poetry. Lei Jun’s programming dream is presented in another way after 30 years.

2018-09-27 20:25:22 169 ℃

Before the establishment of Shantou Business School, Wang Xin was the president of Jinshan Software. She was one of the [Jinshan Five Tigers] brought out by Lei Jun. When she was interviewing Jinshan programmers, Lei Jun once asked her: Do you write a program that has the same feeling of writing poetry? Therefore, Lei Jun, who is a programmer, has already reached a new level in the field of programming.

"Lei Jun left me with the deepest impression that one of the three most popular pirated WPSs was untied by him. I analyzed him to unlock it. The version was the best solution, so I wanted to dig him out of the space department. So at the beginning of the year (1992), I asked him to go to Zhuhai. Later, he finally agreed to come to Jinshan and recommended it to me. Some of his friends in Wuhan."—————— "My Decade in Jinshan", Qiu Bojun, Computer News, August 17, 1998, the first edition, total 343.

In addition, Baidu Encyclopedia can learn: During the period of Wuhan University, Lei Jun completed all the credits for 4 years in only 2 years, and even completed the graduation design of the university and published it on the first-level journal. There are many papers, so Lei Jun is still a figure who exists in the hegemony. At the same time, in his spare time, Lei Jun also wrote two books, "Deep DOS Programming" and "In-depth Windows Programming - Encryption and Compression Software Programming and Methods", which were published by Peking University and Tsinghua University Press.

For such a master of programming, the first is to bring out Jinshan and then create Xiaomi, so that there is one possible senior programmer in the world and one more excellent entrepreneur, Lei Jun Cross-border has to be said to be a bit big. However, based on Lei Jun’s long-standing growth and learning experience, the characteristics of his technical identity have not changed, so now Xiaomi is a company with deep engineering culture. "At the beginning of Xiaomi's business, the partners were all engineers, so Xiaomi pays special attention to technology." Lei Jun said that about two years ago, he hoped that the technical department would stimulate programmers' pursuit of technology. Since then, Xiaomi has held a programming contest inside. A new online judgment system has been developed and has been held for 16 sessions.

This year, this millet’s internal programming contest evolved into the first millennial national college programming competition, with thousands of college students from 530 colleges and universities across the country. . At today's awards ceremony, 55 people who finally stood out from the company won the award from Xiaomi Company. Lei Jun personally delivered a speech and awarded medals and prizes to the gold medal winners.

Of course, behind this incident, Lei Jun, who has already done a lot of programming in the process of transformation, is in transition. If you see your own shadow again, will you be even more excited? Moreover, today's champion is ranked third in the world in the 42nd ACM World Finals in 2018 and the first in Asia. Ji Ruyi, who won the gold medal, should have a programming strength comparable to that of the original Lei Jun.

In addition, like Lei Jun, he has repeatedly invested in his alma mater. Xiaomi Company released the youth product line to face the young user group. Lei Jun is in every youth. The performance of the pro-information on the product propaganda pattern is a kind of nostalgia for Lei Jun’s innermost programming hobby?