Juvenile hacker invaded Apple to download 1TB of data and was sentenced to probation for 8 months

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Juvenile hacker invaded Apple to download 1TB of data and was sentenced to probation for 8 months

2018-09-28 10:25:23 135 ℃

Netease Technology News September 28, according to foreign media reports, a teenage Australian teenager repeatedly invaded Apple in a few months ( Apple Inc.) system and downloaded relevant sensitive data. On Thursday, when the court learned that he was very fascinated by Apple and found that he was addicted to visiting the Apple Internet, the adult hacker was sentenced to eight months' probation by the court and escaped the jail.

A judge told the Children’s Court that the hacker was only 16 years old at the start of the attack but is now an adult. The defendant invaded Apple's internal system and replicated the relevant data and authentication keys. Apple discovered that the system was invaded and contacted the FBI. The Australian police then raided the hacker's home.

"Your crime is very serious," the judge told the hacker. According to Australia’s law protecting the identity of juvenile offenders, the name of this boy cannot be made public. “This is a sustained, complex and successful attack on the security of a large multinational company,” she said. The hacker pleaded guilty to two of the court’s allegations and was sentenced to eight months’ probation.

The judge said that the hacking took place between June 2015 and November 2016 and April 2017.

The charm of Apple

The hacker’s lawyer argued that all of this behavior was due to his obsession with Apple and “for information technology. Love." When interviewed by the police, the defendant stated that the motive for part of the act was “pretending to be a member of the company” and that access to the Apple Network was already addictive, as lawyers pointed out.

According to Australian law, in order to protect the identity of the defendant, the names of other parties in the case and the exact location of the court will not be disclosed.

Apple said that the customer’s personal data was not compromised, and that Apple employees discovered unauthorized access, controlled it, and reported it to law enforcement. “We guarded our network with vigilance,” the company said in an e-mailed statement.

The judge said that the hacker used a virtual private network used by authorized personnel to remotely connect to Apple's internal system. With the help of another young man, he later sent a computer script to the system, creating a secure shell tunnel—a way to access the system and bypass the firewall—to enable it to delete data faster. The judge said that during the invasion of Apple's network, the teenager was able to access internal security policies and save the authentication key.

Regain access

The judge said that after the attack was discovered and blocked in November 2016, the defendant and the second person last year Successfully regained access to the Apple system.

In a search of the teenager’s home, the investigators found two Apple MacBook laptops and a hard drive containing a folder called Hacky Hack Hack Exclude, which contained 12 A document that penetrates or bypasses Apple's security measures. A prosecutor said at an earlier hearing that Australian investigators found about 1 terabyte of data copied from the Apple system, "very sensitive from a privacy and business perspective."

The prosecutor told the court on Thursday that an investigation by the Australian police may lead to other people being questioned or sued. The Australian Federal Police said in an e-mailed statement that evidence against another teenager had been sent to the federal prosecutor's office.

The judge stated that one of the allegations in this case involved unauthorized and reckless modification of data, and that an adult could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment, while a second offence without unauthorized access to the data was the highest. Was sentenced to two years in prison.

She said that the court was entitled to two years in prison for one allegation and 12 months in prison for another.

The judge said in court that the sentence for young people was mainly to make them rehabilitated. The defendant had expressed remorse and cooperated with the authorities. (晗冰)