Didi announced "Drip into Japan"

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Didi announced "Drip into Japan"

2018-09-28 20:25:02 147 ℃

Since the launch of Didi's trip, it has brought unprecedented convenience to our lives. Although the recent negative news is a bit more, I believe it is also a separate case. Overall, the market is still good.

On September 27th, Didi announced that it will launch its own app in Japan, users who play in Japan or local Residents can use the app to take a taxi from now on. It is reported that the launch of the line is a cooperation with local taxi companies, mutual benefit. I know that the demand for taxis in Japan is still very large.

This time, Didi Travel has also added a new self-translating function in Chinese and Japanese. It must be said that this aspect is still very user-friendly, better for Chinese tourists and Chinese users. Communication with Japanese local drivers has served as a bridge, which also increases the convenience of orders and services. But the only imperfection is that there are no local Chinese and Japanese customer service staff.

Some people may ask, why did the drop choose to settle? Japan's development? Japan has a small population, but Japan has a fast pace of life. As mentioned before, their requirements for third-party software for travel are still very high. After all, this can improve their work and life efficiency,

At present, the domestic market is basically "wolf is less meaty." With the development of Didi, a lot of similar software has emerged. Although the scale is not as good as Drip, but the market is limited. This time, the foreign test of water has completely developed its own new market. I have to say that this is also the pride of the people.

Didi dripping in Japan shows that its mechanism is still relatively complete ,What do you think? Do you still choose to travel by mistake after the accident?