Netease's green fruit live broadcast is permanently shut down, live users home life

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Netease's green fruit live broadcast is permanently shut down, live users home life

2018-09-28 20:25:05 162 ℃

Blue Whale TMT Channel September 28th, recently, "Beijing News" reported that Qingguo live camera users, without knowing In the case, the daily life at home is broadcast on the Internet. The user's mobile phone is fully open and is equivalent to a public broadcast.

On September 27th, the Qingguo Live Broadcasting Platform released a notice of closure, saying that due to the adjustment of the company's internal business, the Green Fruit Live Platform was completely closed and the operation was permanently stopped.

It is reported that the Qingguo live broadcast platform is a live entertainment platform for Netease's self-operated live entertainment. As long as the Qingguo camera is used, it can conduct a full-scale live broadcast. Qingguo Camera is the first intelligent hardware of Netease. It has high-definition picture quality and sound, and keeps abreast of life trends such as children and pets at home.

Baidu Encyclopedia shows that the green fruit live broadcast is operated by Essence. After the user purchases the green fruit camera, the live broadcast is set by the user and then connected to the live broadcast platform. An interactive platform that supports 24-hour HD live broadcast. Tianyuechao showed that Netzhiyi Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the legal representative is Ding Lei, was established on August 30, 1999, with a registered capital of 30 million US dollars. Blue Whale TTM reporters have been unable to find relevant information about Qingguo live broadcast on other data analysis platforms.

The following is the full text announcement:

Apologize and reflect on the green fruit live event

September 22 The Qingguo live broadcast platform received feedback from the Beijing News reporter. Some users said that the home scene was broadcast live by the platform without knowing it. Considering other users, there may be similar situations. Green fruit will be on the offline platform within 20 minutes after receiving feedback. All personal live broadcasts. Qingguo is sincerely apologizing for the users involved in the incident and the public affected by the incident!

The Green Fruit Live Platform, as an interactive platform for the Green Fruit camera, originally wanted to create a live broadcast platform with temperature. We broadcast the clouds of Cangshan and the rain of the Bohai Sea. The sky on the Xiangshan Mountain in Beijing is sunny and clear; users also use this platform to broadcast live and drink, farm crops...

and we have not It is said that the official live broadcast instructions of Qingguo have not been fully understood by all users. In the operation step of setting the live broadcast from the default off state to the public live broadcast, some users set up a public live broadcast without understanding the true meaning of the public live broadcast. In the process of public live broadcast, there is also an omission of monitoring and reviewing live video and comment content by Qingguo, which led to the occurrence of this incident.

In response to this incident, Qingguo deeply reflected and decided to completely shut down the Qingguo live broadcast platform on September 27 and stop operating permanently. Qingguo accepts and appreciates the supervision of all walks of life, the mass media and users, corrects mistakes and assumes responsibility. Once again, we apologize to all the users and the public who have been affected by this incident!

Green Fruit

September 27, 2018