Zhang Yong and Jia Yueting: A parting classmate’s parting ways

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Zhang Yong and Jia Yueting: A parting classmate’s parting ways

2018-09-28 20:25:08 255 ℃

Tiger sniffing: On September 26, Haidilao went public, and the market value of the first day broke through 100 billion Hong Kong dollars. The legend of Haidilao continues. What is less known is that Jia Yueting and Zhang Ding, chairman of Haidilao, have also worked as a classmate at the business school. Zhang Yong also invested generously for LeTV. Now, one is experiencing the moment of highlights, writing the catering "legend"; a closed-door car in foreign countries, has been questioned.

Jia Yueting and Zhang Ding, chairman of Haidilao, once worked as a classmate at the business school.

With the window together, it is one of the "four big irons". At the end of 2016, LeTV's capital chain was broken, and the 6 Changjiang Business School students who generously donated 300 million US dollars to support Jia Yueting did not have Zhang Yong's name, but few people knew that Zhang Yong also invested 10 million US dollars for LeTV. At that time, all members of the Haidilao Investment Committee expressed their opposition, but Zhang Yong did not listen at all, and even did not vote, and he made a surprise decision.

The result is of course a splash.

Before the classmate, Jia Yueting has not yet revealed that the king of PPT "the bigger the scene, the more my heart is," is a stuffy gourd, looks very honest. Zhang Yong took a few lessons and wanted to find Jia Yueting to copy the notes. It turned out that Lao Jia looked like a book, but actually painted on a notebook.

Zhang Yong’s other deep impression on Jia Yueting is goodness. LeTV employees have made some mistakes, and Jia Yueting often does not deal with it.

Of course, this on the other hand shows that there is a problem with the management of LeTV. Zhang Yong’s management of Haidilao is never soft. Although employees are rarely fired, if the assessment is unqualified, warnings and downgrades will follow. However, in the minds of the old employees of Haidilao, Zhang Yong’s image may be closer to the tyrant than to the father.

Goodness is the quality that Zhang Yong values. When interviewed by the media, he once said that the success of Haidilao is "probably because I am more kind." .

It can be seen that Zhang Yong is more appreciative of Jia Yueting - at least before the latter goes abroad twice.

The two were once considered good friends. In May 2015, Jia Yueting invited Zhang Yong to LeTV to communicate with hundreds of employees. Zhang Yong’s personality was a bit shy and rarely participated in public activities, but Jia Yueting opened his mouth and he made an exception.

In the speech, Zhang Yong made a joke: "I am very afraid to open a hot pot restaurant. I asked Jia Yueting: 'You tell me the truth, you can't open the hot pot restaurant, because you open the hot pot restaurant. Don't want money, then I am not finished? 'Because I really don't understand what Internet thinking is. This problem has scared me to sleep well in the past two years.

This is a paragraph, with To the active atmosphere, Zhang Yong did not expect that LeTV public relations had been used to make a title, which made him a bit uncomfortable.

Zhang Yong does not like Zhang Yang. Haidilao is red all over the country, and it lasts for a long time. If box horse fresh is "net red", then Haidilao is super net red, the former is the most calculated Zhang Dawei of the red world, and the sea fishing is definitely the level of Luhan and TFBOYS. .

But Zhang Yong is often frustrated by the reputation of Haidilao, worried that he will be "killed." Haidilao has no public relations, and the brand department is more active in design. In August last year, the "mouse door" broke out. The letter of apology issued by Haidilao at the first time was written by Zhang Yong himself.

The restraint, caution, and lingering sense of crisis are one of the foundations of Zhang Yong’s business thinking. Haidilao possesses perhaps the most scarce resource of this era - flow, but does not use it. One of the essences of the new retail is the offline traffic back-feeding line, and the ability of the seabed to use offline traffic to spur online traffic has long been proven by numerous communication cases. If the sea fishing into the new retail, the giants should be rushing?

But Zhang Yong has not acted so far, I believe it is not because I don’t understand.

This may be one of the biggest differences between Jia Yueting and Zhang Yong. Zhang Yong has no traffic, and Jia Yueting is good at leveraging traffic, having traffic to do leverage, and no traffic to create traffic. The king of LeTV's conference is not a name. If you give Jia Yueting a sea fishing, what is the earth? He can pick up the entire solar system.

Jia Yueting almost succeeded even without Haidilao - the solar system is the nine planets, and the old Jia has seven sons, and the difference is two. Only then. Zhang Yong’s restraint, caution and sense of crisis are not found in Jia Yueting’s dictionary. Even if the capital chain is completely broken, Sun Hongbin enters the market, Jia Yueting still insists that the seven sub-ecological ones can't be less, and the enthusiasm of Sun Hongbin is loud and swearing: "I x you x, one can not be less, you can do a good job." "

There is also his death. Without a solid industrial support, the solar system built on the bubble quickly collapsed. I wonder if the American Jia Yueting will remember his old classmates and think of the sea fishing that is afraid of killing?