Xiaomi ecological chain manufacturer Zhimi launched electric heater smart version Support small love

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Xiaomi ecological chain manufacturer Zhimi launched electric heater smart version Support small love

2018-11-03 10:25:07 209 ℃

In the double 11 period, two new products developed by Zhimi will be launched one after another: Zhimi Electric Heater Smart Edition has been listed on Xiaomi's product platform at 0:00 on November 1st, with a crowdfunding price of 399 yuan. The Zhimi PM2.5 detector will also be launched on the product platform on November 4, priced at 199 yuan.

At the same time as the launch of the new product, the first generation of smart rice heaters and wisdom introduced by Zhimi Technology The rice sterilization humidifier has also been stationed in more than 200 millet homes nationwide and sold in stock. At present, the weather is getting colder, and heating in some areas is not yet available. Users who are in urgent need of electric heaters can also directly enter the store to pay for goods.

Intelligent electric heating that supports voice control - Smart Meter Smart Edition< /p>

Zhi Mi Electric Warmer is the first heating device that can be connected to Mijia APP and Xiaoai Speaker. It also adds a pure black touch screen display on the basis of previous product design. Heating temperature and indoor humidity conditions, integrated with temperature adjustment, heating time adjustment and switching power supply buttons. The screen display supports bright light, low light, and off three-step brightness adjustment, which is convenient for use in different lighting environments. For example, it can be used to adjust the light or turn off the screen at night to avoid light pollution and affect sleep.

Chimi heaters can support 16-32 °C freely adjustable temperature. The built-in dual temperature sensor has an intelligent constant temperature function that stops energy consumption when the ambient temperature reaches a preset value, and automatically warms below the preset value.

In order to adapt to the climate characteristics of the north and the south, the smart version of the smart rice heater follows the design highlights of the previous generation: no wind The noise-free convection heating can fully compensate for the problem of uneven room temperature in the northern heating supply, and also reduce the impact on indoor humidity.

X-type alloy flakes provide faster and more efficient heating efficiency, allowing the southern home without heating to heat up as quickly as possible. At the same time, the 9cm slim body, 6.4kg weight and the inner buckle handles on both sides can be easily moved in the same way: in the living room during the day, and in the night to bring warmth and sleep all night.

In terms of safety, the Smart Meter Smart Edition has built-in multiple protective detection sensors when detected. If the internal cavity temperature exceeds 95 °C or the fuselage is tilted more than 45 degrees, the power will be automatically cut off to avoid potential safety hazards.

Precisely detect air quality anytime, anywhere - Zhimi PM2.5 detector

Zhimi PM2.5 detector is compact and long-lasting Advantages, convenient for users to carry around or used in the car. The built-in high-precision laser sensor is more accurate in sensing airborne impurities. The green, orange and red digital indicators and display values ​​give you an insight into the air quality of your environment.

In addition, the screen of the Zhimi PM2.5 detector can be adjusted for brightness: low brightness at night, clear data Reading, the middle and high brightness are turned on during the day, and can be clearly seen under strong light.

The weather is getting colder and the haze is often uninvited. These two new products can be said very much. it's time to. At present, the intelligent version of Zhimi Electric Heater has launched a crowdfunding activity of 399 yuan for Xiaomi's product platform. The Zhimi PM2.5 detector will also enter the product platform at the price of 199 yuan on November 4, and users in need. May give a lot of attention.

In addition, smartmi Zhimi double eleven carnival has also officially started. Zhimi is all in the sales category with a maximum straight drop of 900 yuan. Jingdong, Suning and Youpin platform will be the first to open a wave of reserve price on November 1. Carnival, double 11 on the same day, smartmi Zhimi Tmall flagship store can also use the shopping allowance, multiple gameplay to get more favorable, please pay attention to the major platform Zhimi flagship store.