China's chip design level is the second in the world, but it is stuck by this problem.

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China's chip design level is the second in the world, but it is stuck by this problem.

2018-11-06 00:25:20 140 ℃

[ IT News Channel] At the IFA Berlin Consumer Electronics Show in August this year, Huawei brought a new generation of self-developed 7nm commercial mobile phone chip - Kirin 980, as the first this year. The 7nm process technology chip debuted on the market, the release of Kirin 980 once made the topic of domestic chips once again become the focus of global attention.

Recently, Ni Nanguang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also said at the meeting that China’s chip companies are in the number In the world, the level of chip design has reached the second place in the world. At the same time, Academician Ni Nanguang also admitted that there is still a short board in the domestic chip manufacturing industry. On this point, we cannot communicate with the chip country, the United States.

So what does the academician of Ni said about the level of chip manufacturing? Here is a brief introduction to the production process of the chip. First of all, the original prototype of the chip is not a rare raw material, but a wafer composed of monocrystalline silicon. Generally speaking, this thing is basically the fine sand that everyone can see everywhere. After converting ordinary single crystal silicon into wafers, it is the most important step in the entire chip fabrication process, which is etching. Before etching, the fabric needs to pre-process the wafer by lithography, which is the debut of an important tool lithography machine. The operator needs to transfer the designed circuit structure to the photosensitive material, and the surface of the wafer will be dissolved in the exposed state, and then it can be washed away with water, so that the rest is already exposed. The circuit structure is followed by etching the exposed portion of the wafer using an etch machine. Finally, through dozens of complicated processes, a large number of semiconductor circuits with specific functions can be formed on the surface to realize the specific functions of the chip.

There is no shortage of experienced chip designers and design techniques in China, but in terms of lithography machine Because the technical patents are in the hands of foreign companies, and the level of the lithography machine directly reflects the integration and computing power of the chip, which is why the production level limits the development level of China's chips, more precisely, it should It is the development of the lithography machine that limits the level of chip development in China.

However, there are two points in domestic chip makers that are still worthy of praise. First, in the application of specific scenes of the chip, the practice of domestic manufacturers is very good. Like the mobile phone chip industry, which has been soaring in recent years, domestic manufacturers have made many major breakthroughs in this field before and after. This year is also the most domestic mobile phone chip. Close to the industry's top level, the start of the 7nm process, plus the double NPU blessing, Kirin 980 has completed a comprehensive counterattack against Qualcomm and Apple.

Not only in the application of scenes, domestic chip manufacturers have also been reported in recent years. In addition to the outstanding performance of Huawei's HiSilicon Research Institute, like Tsinghua Unisplendour, it was also announced that DDR4 memory will be launched in the year. Although it is one generation behind the international level, it has made significant progress compared with the previous years. On the other hand, Gree, like ZTE, Howe, and even the traditional home appliance industry, seems to be entering the chip industry. It must be said that the domestic company's enthusiasm for the chip can be said to be half of the success, and the rest is the funding problem and the time issue. As long as the industry can attract enough talents and large companies are willing to make chips, then in time, China's "core" will be able to reach the world's top level.