Apple sued: accused of infringing 11 video patents

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Apple sued: accused of infringing 11 video patents

2018-11-06 10:25:21 160 ℃

Apple iPhone and iPad allegedly infringed

Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on November 6th news, Apple Inc. A new patent lawsuit was filed by Dynamic Data Technologies, which accused Apple of infringing 11 of its patents related to streaming video, video processing and optimization.

Dynamic data filed a lawsuit against the Marshall division of the Eastern District of Texas, on Monday, alleging that Apple infringed 11 specific patents held by the company. The patents listed in the dynamic data are divided into various types according to the coverage technology, but they all belong to the field of video processing.

The first patent listed in the dynamic data overlays the image enhancement technique in the video stream, which uses prediction and motion prediction based on previous picture coding and uses such data stream decoding; the second patent covers The chroma key remains during the sample rate conversion and the chroma key image needs to be processed. At the same time, "method and unit for predicting a current motion vector" explains how to predict the motion vector currently used for a group of pixels in an image, which may be used to track the position of an object in a video.

This 68-page prosecution file alleges that Apple has 11 patent infringements, pointing out Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and other products, even a specific version of iOS. Finally, the dynamic data requested the court to make a ruling in favor of itself, requiring Apple to compensate for the infringement. In order to get more compensation, let Apple bear the lawyer's fees and enjoy other remedies, dynamic data allegations that Apple's infringement is "intentional, indulgent, malicious, bad-hearted, well-thought-out, consciously guilty, openly, with plagiarism Characteristics".

Litigation documents

Many indications are that this lawsuit is a "patent hooligan" prosecution case . The lawsuit revealed that dynamic data is headquartered in Delaware, but the search showed it was only established in April this year. The Marshall Branch of the Eastern District of Texas is also the location where patent hooligans like to file lawsuits, handling thousands of such lawsuits each year.

Dynamic data also said in the lawsuit that the company holds more than 1,000 patent assets, including "core technology in the field of image and video processing." The patents involved in the dynamic data in the lawsuit came from Philips.

This is not the first non-patent implementation entity (NPE) lawsuit that Apple faces. Over the years, Apple has had to deal with a series of lawsuits from such companies, including Uniloc, Soverain Software, and VirnetX. (Compile / 箫雨)

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