This unsuccessful flagship is finally in stock, but it has been returned by its own fans, but also to grab it?

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This unsuccessful flagship is finally in stock, but it has been returned by its own fans, but also to grab it?

2018-11-06 20:25:04 205 ℃

I am an embarrassed brother, talk to you about the technology, internet anecdote I want to say, maybe not professional, but hope to have value!

Speaking of the "buy" of the smart phone circle, Lei Jun's Xiaomi has been criticized by consumers, but after 2018, Xiaomi finally realized the perfect integration of the entire industry chain, almost every The products can be put into stock in less than one month after the release, which makes it possible for each rice noodle to start the new machine in the first time. It can be said that it is cool.

However, unlike Xiaomi’s constant pursuit of spot, Meizu, who once insisted on “small but beautiful”, completely completed “hunger marketing” in 2018. Market strategy, after the release of Meizu 15 has been out of stock, especially the kiln white almost never realized the spot, and soon Meizu 16th listed, Qualcomm Xiaolong 845, screen fingerprint recognition, 2798 yuan ... all this Let Meizu 16th become the most cost-effective domestic high-end flagship machine, but unfortunately, Meizu 16th has been out of stock for more than two months since August 8th. This makes many charm friends very angry, the entire Meizu official micro Each blog post is almost full of "spot" demand, and even the charm friends angered Meizu as a new generation of monkey king.

However, with the Xiaomi MIX3 slide full screen mobile phone, Nubian X dual screen full screen mobile phone and Huawei glory Magic slide The release of the full-screen mobile phone, Meizu 16th actually from the Meizu official website to Jingdong, Tmall, Suning and other e-commerce platforms almost achieved a full range of stock, even the most scarce Aurora blue version has been spot.

We take a way to infer whether Meizu 16th was previously under-spotted or deliberately restricted, and naturally it is impossible to infer whether Meizu 16th has the "hunger marketing" component, but It is certain that Meizu has lost a lot of charms who originally intended to purchase the Meizu 16 series from "unable to make an appointment" to "full spot". Of course, the loyalty loyalty is naturally excluded.

The interesting thing is that Meizu 16th is not easy to spot, but there are charm friends who choose to return after getting the spot, because "and the charm blue before Metal, found that the screen color is weird. Open the pesticide is too glare, eye protection mode, automatic brightness is adjusted to the lowest, or the screen is too glaring. Choose direct return, continue to use 16G metal." However, for the complaints of Meizu, Huang Zhang, the founder, CEO and chief designer of Meizu, is very aggressive in tone: 70% of LCD screen Blu-ray, OLED screen blue light can be reduced to 45%, the latest OLED screen technology can be By reducing the blue light to 25%, the damage of the blue light to the eyes is irreversible.

In addition, now the Xiaomi 8 and other products in the next village have started to sell at a reduced price. The price advantage of Meizu 16th is gone. In addition, all kinds of brand new products have been listed, Meizu 16th has already missed the best selling period, the kind of stunning feeling that gave the charm friends has long since disappeared.

So, is it easy to buy the Meizu 16th spot? Or choose to buy other brand new products? Quietly say to you: After grabbing Meizu 16th, um, really fragrant!

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