Xiaomi double eleven conference ended, several new products at a glance

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Xiaomi double eleven conference ended, several new products at a glance

2018-11-07 10:25:14 245 ℃

Xiaomi notebook 15.6-inch eight-generation i3 version debut, priced at 3,399 yuan. Now paying a deposit of 100 yuan can reach 400 yuan, and the hand price is 3099 yuan.

The millet notebook 15.6-inch eight-generation i3 version continues the minimalist design language with no logo on the front, with a metal cover to highlight the fashion and stability. The body thickness is 19.9mm, light and portable.

The core configuration, the millet notebook 15.6-inch eight-generation i3 version uses 1080P display, equipped with the eighth generation Intel Core i3 processing With 4GB DDR4 memory + 128GB SSD, the official introduction of the expandable dual memory slot, up to 32GB of memory.

And the millet notebook 15.6-inch eight-generation i3 version is equipped with a dual fan cooling system, with 2+2 heat pipe layout to ensure stable performance. When you are fully engaged in work or entertainment, it can always be calm and efficient.

In addition, the millet notebook 15.6-inch eight-generation i3 version comes with 7 major interfaces. Including USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI interface, two USB 3.0, headset jack, three-in-one card reader, etc., a variety of scenarios easily deal with.

There is the release date, and the shipment will start after the payment is made on November 11.

Millet TV 4 65-inch full-screen flagship officially unveiled, priced at 5,999 yuan.

Official introduction, Xiaomi TV 4 65-inch full-screen flagship version abandoned the extra design elements, three-sided visual borderless full-screen large screen will be the most simple beauty. There is no screw in the whole body, and the overall feeling is stronger.

And it has a 7.5mm ultra-thin body, the back is made of stainless steel brushed metal, environmentally friendly, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to scratch, and the metal color is bright and even, very stylish.

More importantly, the Xiaomi TV 4 65-inch full-screen Ultimate has 4K HDR with three-sided visual borderless The comprehensive screen allows you to have a wider view and a stronger immersion when watching TV, and get an immersive viewing experience.

The core configuration, Xiaomi TV 4 65-inch full-screen flagship version equipped with Amlogic Cortex A53 quad-core processor, CPU clocked at 1.5GHz, GPU for Mali-450 750MHz, with 2GB of memory + 16GB of flash memory.

In addition, Xiaomi TV 4 65-inch full-screen flagship version is equipped with artificial intelligence voice system, which can be controlled by remote control. . Searching for and controlling other smart home devices is just a matter of words.

PatchWall can deeply understand the content, and by continuously learning and remembering the user's preferences, the unlimited drop-down waterfall stream can accurately push the content for the user and reduce the search difficulty.

The shape of the new fan of Mijia is very similar to that of the previous Xiaomi air purifier. The elongated cube design, but not standing on the ground, is hung on the wall and passed through a 16cm diameter pipe to the outside.

The front is equipped with a circular color touch screen that displays indoor air quality index such as PM 2.5. There is a filter element at the top and bottom of the interior, and the bottom of the room is directly connected to the outdoor air, which is a large space filter to ensure sufficient outdoor air to pass indoors.

Compared with air purifiers, new fans are more ventilated than air. The air purifier is actually an internal circulation in the room. In the long-term non-ventilated environment, the indoor carbon dioxide will rise, which may cause depression and dizziness. The new fan continuously delivers the purified fresh air to the room, ensuring that the indoor air is clean and the oxygen content is maintained.

The wall-mounted new fan introduces fresh air into the room because of its "micro-positive pressure" principle. While the indoor air is polluted, it can also ensure that the outdoor polluted air cannot penetrate into the room through the gap between the door and window, and finally the effect of purifying the indoor PM2.5 to zero can be achieved.

Mr. rabbit folding stroller, small size, boarding free shipping! 1 can sit and recline, A-class baby-grade skin-breathable antibacterial fabric, comfortable and safe; 24 independent damping, 8 bearings, how to push is smooth and effortless; 3 one foot double brake, that is, step on the stop. At 11:00 on November 11th, the first sale was opened at 699 yuan.

Millet launched a lot of new products in one breath, except for the other ones we introduced, and those who are interested can go to Xiaomi. View the official mall.

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