The new iPad Pro run points announced! Beyond 550,000 seconds

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The new iPad Pro run points announced! Beyond 550,000 seconds

2018-11-07 10:25:15 136 ℃

[Mobile China News] On October 30th, the new iPad Pro was officially released. This year's iPad Pro can be called the biggest update in the history of the iPad, as low as 5.9mm thickness and a new full-screen design, coupled with the powerful A12X bionic chip, it is not too much to say that it is a new generation of performance king.

New iPad Pro

This morning, Ann Bunny announced the running scores of the iPad Pro. The 11-inch version of the iPad Pro scores 557,679 points, which is higher than the 350,000 points of the iPhone XS series. Compared with the A12 bionics, the A12X bionic CPU performance increased by 20.6%, and the GPU performance increased by 105%. It can be seen that the A12X bionic chip is still very powerful.

The iPad Pro scores up to 557679 points

In addition, Ann Bunny officially said that the two-size 1TB version is equipped with 6GB of memory, while other versions Equipped with 4GB of memory. Of course, whether it is 4GB of memory or 6GB of memory, it has little effect on the final score.

iOS device performance ranking

At the press conference, Apple officially said that the new iPad Pro can beat the performance More than 92% of laptops, and by running points, the iPad Pro did not disappoint us. Of course, we also hope that more professional-level applications can be used on the iPad Pro in the future, so that it can become a real productivity tool.