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Drama Zhou Hongyi

2018-11-08 20:25:29 97 ℃

Author|Wei Xiao Source|Blue Media

Last night, Ding Lei, Zhou Hongyi, Zhang Chaoyang and others gathered together to make a drink, Zhou Hongyi also took Ding Lei's own Piggy Watch on the spot.

This is the big brothers who got together to get in touch with each other. The result was quickly approved by Zhou Hongyi, and there was a wave of speculation.

The scene of Zhou Hongyi’s giving Ding Lei a 360-born Pigeon Peggy Watch, in Zhou Hongyi In the circle of friends, it became an expression pack and a paragraph. In the picture, while Ding Lei and Zhou Hongyi interacted, they also brought innocent bystander Zhang Chaoyang.

and in the intention of 360 officially, it is natural to quickly screen on social media,

has to Said that Zhou Hongyi is indeed a good player in the momentum. This also helped Zhou Hongyi put a lot of headlines.

But the heat is not white, and you need Zhou Hongyi to fight for it and go to show. After all, in the era of mobile Internet, Zhou Hongyi is not on the front line, but Ma Yun and Lei Jun.

With Wang Lihong and Tao Wei, a high-quality idol of the school-level, a Chinese music R&B godfather, also had to embark on the stage of the Tucao Conference, accepting Li’s birthday The pool's crazy spit, to attract attention. Who told them that they are not as good as the younger generation who brought their top traffic, just take a skrskr, they took the position of young OG, just sent an album, they boarded the top position of iTunes, even in the top ten Seven.

Zhou Hongjun is self-aware. If the flow is not enough, then take the initiative to do something. Therefore, in some public occasions in recent years, he has become a drama that binds others to take advantage of the situation. For this reason, Zhou Hongyi, the former red-collar master, turned the Internet old guns, which were diss of almost half of the Internet circles, such as Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and Li Yanhong, into a closed mouth and only talked about love and peace.

Since 2015, Zhou Hongyi has been looking for a self-portrait to promote his 360 mobile phone, and talked with Ma Huateng, and took photos with Li Yanhong. No self-timer can't resolve the grudge. If there is, then the logic of two times, anyway, does not reach the smiling person. He pulls all the big men who participated in the meeting from the filming.

In 2017, Zhou Hongyi even went to Fusheng, who was not in the same league as the old ones. In the Yao Jinbo group, at the same table, the middle of the two It is separated by the Di Wei.

Of course, not only the domestic Internet, Zhou Hongyi also stared at Cook, Bill Gates, Bezos, have taken a selfie photo.

In the past two years, whoever loves to take photos with the Internet, it must be Zhou Hongyi. Even so, 360's mobile phone business is still doing a lot of twists and turns, not much improvement.

This year, the children’s watch was changed. Ding Lei smiles with a children's watch, and Zhang Zhaoyang, who is next to him, also wants a look. Under the planning of Zhou Hongjun, the 360 ​​pigs Peggy children's watch stands for free. Very cooperative.

It can also be difficult to cooperate. For example, Lei Jun.

At the 2015 Guiyang International Big Data Industry Expo, Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun attended the conference. After the meeting, Zhou Hongyi took photos of Lei Jun’s lunch on Weibo and said: “Talk with @雷军 on how to speak in English”.

How long Weibo didn’t come out, was Xiaomi’s ruthless dismantling.

Millet Official Weibo Forwarding Zhou Hongyi's Weibo and "righteousness and resignation" explained that Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi did not discuss the English speech, and directly pointed out that Lei Jun was eating with his colleagues. Zhou Hongyi took the plate and came over to sit next to Lei Jun, and then let the waiter take a picture. Two photos. During the period, the two did not talk about anything.

Xiaomi is not willing to cooperate with Zhou Hongyi, but he can’t hide from the first day and has not escaped fifteen.

6 months later A photojournalist from the China Daily published a famous picture: Lei Jun’s “deep love”, Zhou Hongyi, who was asleep, Zhou Hongyi in the picture rested on the chair and closed, while Lei Jun used an unspeakable look. Look at him.

This is a very soon The picture was broken by netizens, and all kinds of teasing. Lei Jun did not want to smash CP with Zhou Hongyi. After the picture was swiped, it would not be a serious matter. At that time, Lei Jun’s CP was only Dong Mingzhu’s Dong Sister, but Zhou Hongyi was happy with this kind of tap water, except for friends’ circles, he also took this from time to time. Picture teasing. On the same occasion one year later, the two were arranged to be together and laughed.

In these years, Zhou Hongyi frequently took advantage of the situation. On the one hand, it is indeed that he is no longer in the middle of the Internet stage. It is a good thing for the people to miss him. It is the past that Zhou Xun wanted. It is now and in the future, on the other hand, it is to promote its own products.

Not to mention Zhou Hongyi, who has a strong desire for expression, has always needed a spotlight, requires traffic, and is in urgent need.

However, Zhou Hongyi, who is also an Internet tycoon, has to get traffic through hotspots and other people’s ways, gaining attention, and bursting red in the dialogue with Wang Sicong, Lei Jun In the gaze, it is also very embarrassing.

The scenery is still so beautiful, it is somewhat bitter. The taste of this, Zhou Hongyi can only taste alone.