finally come! Xiaomi flagship model gets super night scene function upgrade: camera lift to force

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finally come! Xiaomi flagship model gets super night scene function upgrade: camera lift to force

2018-11-08 20:25:35 89 ℃

At the launch of Xiaomi MIX 3, in addition to the full screen design of the slide, its excellent camera has become the focus of official promotion. In DxOMark, the camera score of Xiaomi MIX 3 has exceeded that of Huawei P20.

In addition, Xiaomi MIX 3 The camera module used is exactly the same as Xiaomi MIX 2S and Xiaomi 8. The progress in photography is more due to the improvement of the algorithm. Lei Jun also said after the launch of Xiaomi MIX 3 that the camera firmware will be transplanted to Xiaomi 8 and Xiaomi MIX 2S.

Recently, MIUI The beta user pushed the beta firmware to bring the long-awaited super night scene function to Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version, Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version and Xiaomi MIX 2S. However, Xiaomi 8 SE, Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition is not on the list, after all, their camera parameters and these models are still different.

According to the official statement Xiaomi's super night scene mode can greatly enhance the imaging effect of the mobile phone in the night environment, and the brightness and resolution of the screen can be upgraded. The phone simultaneously takes photos of eight different exposure schemes and uses AI technology to detect light and jitter to determine the different exposures required for each frame of the photo. The mobile phone will also select 800 key feature points for identification and comparison, and finally combine a night scene with clear picture, rich details and no exposure.

In recent years, The flagship products of major manufacturers all take the camera as an important selling point, and they have worked hard on both hardware and software. Now, many flagship phones have turned into night vision devices at night. The recently released one plus 6T also introduces the night scene mode as a major selling point of the product.

It is worth mentioning that MIUI development firmware is generally one week later and will usually be pushed on Friday. In other words, if there is no big problem with the beta version of the Super Night Scene, this feature will be integrated in the development version of the system tomorrow. All Xiaolong 845 models under Xiaomi can be upgraded. Of course, if your mobile phone system is a stable version, it is best to do a data backup before upgrading the development firmware.

So, do you think that the push of Xiaomi’s super night scene function will become a new selling point for these flagship machines?