12306 website new revision on the line, how many points can this design give?

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12306 website new revision on the line, how many points can this design give?

2018-11-08 20:25:36 80 ℃

I don't know if you have been on the website for the two days

Railway 12306?


12306 After the App was revised, this website, which has been squandered by the whole world, has also been revised! On November 3, the 12306 website was officially launched. First of all, let's miss the old website:

Then of course, we have to take a look at the new version of Lushan:

Xiaobian captures the friend who just booked the ticket the day before and talked about the user experience:

Search web design, there is such a picture in the top of the picture:

Is it very familiar? If you think you are not a classmate, please move your mobile phone forward. The contrast between old and new, it is obvious that the knife of this change is much heavier than the last app...

For example, the header is abandoning the full-fledged picture, which is more concise and intuitive. And nowadays more common web page headers: Logo, low screen rate, and a click on the logo to jump back to the home page settings. Also, the navigation bar also learns to use the folding menu, and the most commonly used query function is also placed on the home page.

Secondary functions except In addition to being found in the navigation bar, the card is also presented in the form of a rerotation style.

There is a recommended advertising space for travel money, which is also presented in the form of a card, which is why Xiaobian thinks that he The reason is not the 12306, but the travel website. (Probably because I finally remembered being able to make advertising space, so I have money to change it...)

This is not the case. It is a new function, but the word "tourist supermarket" has been placed on the navigation bar before, and the click rate should not be too high.

In addition to the layout of the webpage, the most popular one is the “scan code login”, which reduces the previous invalid clicks, which is convenient for everyone to purchase tickets.

This revision in general makes the function layout of the website more reasonable, and the scan code login can be said to be A big step forward, from the content point of view is to take into account the travel needs of passengers.

There is a lot of progress, but it's not without its drawbacks. The entire site is not a responsive webpage.

Let's see the US again Amtrak booking website, support! Chinese! This 12306 is not doing well and does not support foreign languages. How can foreigners who come to China travel better? At the same time, Amtrak can track the status and location of the train in real time, and has to say a good heart!

Amtrak's overall tone is relatively calm, the card is mainly based on photos, and the information is not placed on the photo, this It is different from the form of the 12306 directly on the banner, and the visual effect seems to be more comfortable.

A lot of friends around me don't use the 12306 app and website to buy tickets. Most of them use some Internet company's agent booking system to buy tickets. For example, Ctrip APP, which often uses small programs to bargain in the WeChat group.

We don’t want to talk about the difference between the tickets, Xiaobian takes everyone to look at the pages of the major train ticket agents to buy the website. What is the design? Why don't you choose 12306 and choose them.

The three platforms are compared together. In fact, the style of the webpage is similar, but like Amtrak, the overall tone is much uniform. Although 12306 is visually better than before, But the overall coordination seems to be to be considered again.

Xiaobian feels that many people do not like the reason for using 12306. In addition to the interface problem, the most important thing is that the user experience is not good enough. From logging in to purchasing tickets, the 12306 process is simply a difficult user, like a desperate verification code.

Third-party platform purchases support multiple ways to log in, and payment methods are varied. Like a flying pig, log in directly with a Taobao account, pay with Alipay, in one go. At the same time, these three platforms are comprehensive tourism service platforms, which can make one-stop service for hotel transportation and download an app to get a trip.

But it’s getting closer to the popular style from the simple style of the 1990s. It’s already a big step forward for 12306. It’s a bit sober when it comes to it... I hope it’s not a change of soup, except Beautify the interface, the most important thing is to improve the user experience... In the future, whether it is to kill or kill, the decision is still in the hands of the users (although the money is still 12306) ~

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