698 grams! The world's lightest notebook comes: strong performance, the price is close to 13,000 yuan

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698 grams! The world's lightest notebook comes: strong performance, the price is close to 13,000 yuan

2018-11-09 10:25:10 256 ℃

Compared with desktop computers, the notebook itself is a product of compromise, performance, thinness and price are opposite each other. However, many manufacturers are still trying to break through the limits in the weight of notebooks.

Recently, Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu has released a version of the world's lightest notebook. The specific model of this product is LIFEBOOK UH. To be precise, it is a series with multiple configurations. The UH-X C3 weighs only 698 grams and does not exceed 1 kilogram, which is naturally the biggest selling point of this product.

But it is unconfigured and equipped with the i7-8565U processor. Because Intel does not squeeze toothpaste on the eighth-generation Core products, the performance of this low-voltage processor is still very strong, basically comparable to the shoulder-generation i7. Of course, limiting its performance bottleneck should be TDP, Xiaolei is also very curious, such a thin body design, how Fujitsu solves the heat problem.

Other configurations, this notebook is equipped with 8GB of onboard memory, the hard drive capacity is 512GB, the screen is 13.3吋1080P, support touch. Officials said that the Fujitsu UH-X C3 can maintain 11.5 hours of battery life.

In addition, there are UH90, UH75 and other models in this series, all equipped with Intel's eighth generation Core DuPont The processor and the 13.3-inch screen have an increased weight, and the single is no more than 1kg.

The UH series notebooks launched by Fujitsu have been light and thin and long battery life as the main selling point, but the price is also quite cheap, among which the world's lightest notebook UH-X C3 is priced at 210,000. Yen (pre-tax), if converted into RMB, is already close to 13,000 yuan. Of course, compared to many high-end superbooks, this price is not too expensive.

If you have the ultimate demand for the portability of your notebook, this new product from Fujitsu should be your dish, and a notebook as heavy as a tablet is still amazing. However, if you have a high demand for performance, especially graphics performance, they are obviously not suitable for you. After all, for thin and light, the scenes they apply are office and general audio and video needs, low-voltage processors and cores to handle high-pressure tasks, or will not be able to do so.