Google camera and meritorious deeds: Red rice Note5 photo quality reversal, directly turned into night vision

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Google camera and meritorious deeds: Red rice Note5 photo quality reversal, directly turned into night vision

2018-11-09 10:25:13 220 ℃

After a while, the gods who installed Google Camera for Xiaomi MIX2 appeared on the Internet. After such "reconstruction", Xiaomi MIX2 showed the same image quality improvement, even with a single camera catching up in the DxOMark test. Minutes of 8. What would it look like on a double shot? Since the third party has been using Google Camera, there are many restrictions on its use, but Redmi Note5 has become another mobile phone that can be ported and used. The same quality has been reversed.

Google Camera is mainly enhanced by algorithms, after Google's pro-Pixel3 was shocked by the night of the night. However, its compatibility is very poor. For example, the camera application extracted from Google Pixel3 can only be adapted to other relatives of the family. Even if the restrictions are removed, it is only applicable to the Qualcomm platform. Red rice Note5 is just the 骁 Dragon 636 model, rear 1200W + 500W pixel dual camera with 1.4um photosensitive area and F1.9 aperture, solidified the hardware foundation.

Do not talk nonsense, first look at a set of comparison photos. The picture below is the millet camera that comes with Redmi Note5. It should be considered normal to shoot this effect in the dark night. Even if the hardware is too hard, after all, it is only a thousand yuan machine, usually only at least a little better than other thousand yuan machine.

But look at the picture below. When replaced with a Google camera, the whole picture is bright, although the noise is clear, but the details in the dark are clear. It can be seen that if you change the camera application, you may not be able to recognize the original place. The distant picture is not only brightened but also the whole becomes clear.

Next look at the next group, first of all, the picture taken by the default camera of Redmi Note5, the scene is originally dark and there is no light source, this This kind of environment also belongs to the normal level of the thousand yuan machine, although the picture is not clear, but there is nothing to vomit at this price.

There was a reversal of the image quality in the same scene, which is completely night vision level. Of course, it is not perfect. For example, the pink high-rise building in the distance is not quite like the normal color of the body or the light source. In fact, it may be caused by multi-frame synthesis and color deviation. But the picture quality of the thousand yuan machine has been changed to this, what else is picky?

From the screenshots of the installations circulating on the Internet, the Google camera has been cracked as a whole, and the pre-installation detection function is also provided. More mobile phones are not impossible.

Whether Google’s pro-son Pixel3 or the Google App app, which is a separate app, has a phenomenon that is passed under limited hardware conditions. The algorithm can also achieve a good photo effect. But this is only an isolated phenomenon. It is not necessary to question the development capabilities of mobile phone manufacturers and even blame the development direction of most mobile phone manufacturers.

For most mobile phone manufacturers, Google’s crushing development of camera algorithms requires more cost, and may not be as straightforward as upgrading hardware. Google's own products and applications have played a role in demonstrating the Android ecosystem, and the demand for profitability may not be strong. But for mobile phone manufacturers, it is more important to obtain a reasonable balance between investment and return. The value orientation of the two is different, and naturally it will move toward different development directions, and finally bring a completely different feeling to the users.