Shared bicycle cemetery outside the playground: basically all small yellow cars, GPS positioning is still dying

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Shared bicycle cemetery outside the playground: basically all small yellow cars, GPS positioning is still dying

2018-11-09 10:25:13 139 ℃

It took only two or three years to share a bicycle, and it has already entered the streets and became the most commonly used in people's lives. One of the objects. However, with the competition and continuous investment of various shared bicycle companies, the contribution of bicycles on the streets has also largely encroached on many public resources. After the vent, many of the contributing bicycles closed down one after another, and the abandoned shared bicycles were piled up and became a lot of shared bicycle cemeteries.

Besides the wall of the Grand View House in Kunming, there is a shared bicycle cemetery. This area belongs to In the suburbs, there were few people, so many shared bicycles were abandoned in the grass outside the playground.

A few hundred meters of roadsides are full of abandoned shared bicycles, looking at them, among the dense green grass All are shared bikes.

More than 90% of these abandoned shared bicycles are called small yellow cars. The ofo bicycles, so the past is basically yellow, and occasionally you can see some other bicycles in this large yellow.

In the playground in the wall, from time to time, some screams and laughter will be uploaded from the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. In the shared bicycle cemetery outside the wall, the sound of "squeaky" is constantly being emitted. It should be the electronic sound of the GPS locator on the bicycle. It sounds like the last of these shared bicycles. Mourning.

In the past few years when shared bicycles flourished, Xiaohuang and another brand Mobike were once shared bicycles. The two most prominent leaders in the enterprise have been placed in cities and towns across the country, and the limelight is nowhere.

But today’s Mobike has been acquired by the US group, and the small yellow car is on the verge of The bankruptcy is on the cusp. It is said that Xiaohuangqi once refused the acquisition of many companies, but in the end it was facing bankruptcy liquidation due to financial constraints. Rumor has it that more than 70 million foreign debts are still owed.

Although there are many rumors about the bankruptcy of the small yellow car on the Internet, it has not yet received the top management of the company. Confirmed. But judging from these shared bicycle cemeteries, it is clear that such rumors are not groundless.

Under normal circumstances, the staff sharing bicycles will retrieve these bicycles according to the positioning of the bicycle, but now Many of the bicycles were abandoned in the grass in the wilderness, indicating that no one is looking for them. It seems that China's another shared bicycle company is quite a winter.