Double eleven soon "four links and one up" temporary price increase, rejection of large pieces

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Double eleven soon "four links and one up" temporary price increase, rejection of large pieces

2018-11-09 20:25:25 142 ℃

[Global Network Technology Reporter Fan Junqing] In 2018, the Double Eleven Shopping Festival is just around the corner. According to the experience of previous years, the peak volume is inevitable. Many express delivery companies have made reasonable estimates for this year's material flow, and first introduced various restrictions on income, including price increases and weight limits.

In response to the peak period of the double eleven logistics, after the adjustment of the delivery fee in early November, the “four links and one arrival” once again adjusted the price of the whole network. Among them, Zhongtong and Yuantong have already raised prices on the official website. Notice was made that Yunda, Shentong and Baishi have also announced price increases internally, and Yuantong and Shentong have launched a policy of weight limit.

In addition, since November 9th, Yuantong has a limited weight of 10kg or 20kg for large parts, and 30kg for all areas. In addition to the price increase in the high-kilogram segment, Shentong also stipulated that large-size express delivery of 30kg and 50kg should be banned on November 11-16 and November 17-20 respectively.

For the express delivery industry, during the double eleventh period, price increases and restrictions are the most direct and effective strategies. Because in this way, goods with low value and affecting sorting efficiency can be cut off to ensure normal operation during the double eleventh period. However, it is really bad news for consumers who sell large-sized businesses and large online shopping. "The big ones can't be sent out, the business is in a hurry; the express delivery is not received, and the consumers are anxious."

However, this strategy of guaranteeing the double eleven "no explosion" at the expense of the customer experience, It’s a pity that the “four links and one daes” that have been through the battlefield have faced the tenth year’s double eleven shopping carnival.