Apple iPhone XI concept map exposure: corner square, Type-C interface, price or higher!

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Apple iPhone XI concept map exposure: corner square, Type-C interface, price or higher!

2018-11-12 10:25:16 358 ℃

At this year's Apple Autumn Conference, Apple brought us the unique iPhone, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and every year after the new iPhone launch, there will be a prediction of the next generation iPhone. And concept rendering illustration. Recently, Apple's 2019 new iPhone - iPhone XI concept map has been exposed online.

From the perspective of the rendering of the exposure, this 2019 iPhone XI seems to be extremely styled with this year's new iPad Pro. Similarly, using the same design as the iPhone 4 of the year, the corners are square, the phone has almost no borders, but the top of the screen has a fairly long notch.

The second biggest change is the USB-C charging port, which will be huge with the Lightning port currently seen on the iPhone. Variety. At present, Apple has changed the interface of the iPad Pro to Type-C. If the interface of the iPhone has also changed, then Apple will usher in the unification of the interface?

There will be three colors in color: white, pink gold and black.

In addition, it is revealed that Apple may adopt a new MPI antenna technology on the new iPhone next year to replace The existing LCP (liquid crystal polymer) antenna technology is designed to further increase the output of the iPhone, but the problem is that the cost increases, and some netizens say they can't afford it...

In the end, this is still speculation. The official side of Apple has not disclosed the details about the next generation iPhone. If it is true, 2019 Will the iPhone XI of the year evoke your desires?

Editor: Fang Yanqiu

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