Jingdong: Double eleven accumulated orders of 159.8 billion yuan, netizens: 11 days cumulative, you really count

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Jingdong: Double eleven accumulated orders of 159.8 billion yuan, netizens: 11 days cumulative, you really count

2018-11-12 20:25:22 317 ℃

Since Alibaba founded the "Tmall Double Eleven Carnival Shopping Festival", it has become a festival for all e-commerce platforms and consumers in China on November 11th. Tmall's Double Eleven Shopping Festival is sold throughout the day. The amount of 213.5 billion yuan, breaking the historical record perfect curtain call, the news also instantly screened on various media platforms. Known as the second e-commerce platform in China, Jingdong officially released the turnover of the “Double Eleven” Global Good Things Festival: the total order amount of Jingdong 11.11 Global Good Things Festival reached 159.8 billion yuan.

Jingdong’s turnover reached 159.8 billion yuan, compared with Tmuch’s turnover of 213.5 billion yuan. After that, I feel that it is not far from each other, but people with a good heart will find that the total amount of orders placed by Jingdong for the global good festival is 159.8 billion yuan, which is the cumulative order amount from November 1 to November 11. 11 days! Tmall's 213.5 billion yuan is only the turnover on November 11th. Jingdong's official announcement has caused a lot of netizens' slogans: "11 days, you Jingdong really counts", "Don't compare, Tmall turnover" Just one day."

There are only a handful of domestic e-commerce platforms, Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong and up-and-coming talents, Tmall and Taobao All are Alibaba's e-commerce platform. In recent years, Alibaba has promoted Tmall. Tmall is undoubtedly the first e-commerce platform in China. Although Pingduo claims that “300 million people are fighting”, it is due to fakes. The storm gradually sank, and the only thing that can compete with Alibaba is Jingdong. Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong said in an interview with CNBS (Asian operator) in 2017 that Jingdong will surpass Tmall in the next five years and become China's first e-commerce platform.

Yearly 2017 Jingdong "Double Eleven" Global Good Things Festival 11 days cumulative order amount of 127.1 billion yuan, this year Jingdong The cumulative amount of orders increased by 32.7 billion yuan, and the increase of Tmall was 45.3 billion yuan compared with last year. Compared with last year, Jingdong increased by 25.7% and Tmall increased by 26.9%. But to understand that Jingdong is 11 days cumulative, Tmall is only a one-day increase in the amount; and Jingdong's rate of increase in the past two years has begun to slow down.

In the 2018 Fortune China Top 500 list, Jingdong ranked 18th with total revenue of 362.3 billion yuan, and Ali's total revenue was 2269 billion yuan ranked 35th, but due to Jingdong's The e-commerce model is self-sale and self-sale, and the cost of goods needs to be deducted from the revenue. The profit of Jingdong’s 362.3 billion yuan in revenue is only 110 million yuan. The model of Tmall is to sell the merchants and collect the commissions and service fees of the merchants. Most of Ali's total revenue of 2,269 billion yuan comes from core business e-commerce, with a total profit of 67 billion, which is 600 times that of Jingdong.

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