The decline of e-commerce giants: tens of billions of market value evaporation in 4 years, ranking first in e-commerce platform

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The decline of e-commerce giants: tens of billions of market value evaporation in 4 years, ranking first in e-commerce platform

2018-11-14 20:25:27 125 ℃

The Double Eleven shopping carnival also came to an end. In the past nine years, “Double Eleven” has gradually evolved from Alibaba's own large-scale promotion activities into an annual sales feast of China's e-commerce industry, and its influence is moving towards the international market, attracting more and more people to participate.

According to the data released so far, this year's Tmall "Double Eleven" total transaction is rated at 213.5 billion yuan, once again creating a new sales record. Jingdong, another giant in the electric business community that has been receiving much attention, is also very eye-catching. Looking at the current e-commerce market in China, it is showing a thriving scene. The industry giants are constantly refreshing the record of this year's "Double Eleven".

But not all e-commerce platforms are in full swing. There is such an e-commerce platform, has created a lot of brilliant records, and even some sub-divisions are still ahead of Ali, but now it has declined, slowly faded out of people's attention, it is Jumeiyou.

Jumeiyou started relatively late and was established in 2010. The original Jumeiyou products were mainly in the cosmetics field where Jingdong and Ali covered relatively weak. Therefore, Chen Ou, the founder of Jumeiyou, seized this opportunity and mainly appeared as a professional beauty e-commerce platform, and thus quickly captured a large number of users.

The early Jumeiyou products developed rapidly. Less than a year after its establishment, sales exceeded 100 million yuan. At that time, the founder Chen Ou made a sensation of “advertising for himself” with his own value. Jumeiyou also captured a large number of fans and successfully started fan marketing. In 2013, Jumeiyoupin has become China's number one beauty e-commerce platform.

In 2014, it was the most glorious moment of Jumeiyou. The 31-year-old Chen Ou led the gathering Excellent products were successfully listed in the United States. At the peak of the year, the market value of Jumeiyou products was as high as 37.6 billion yuan, but its glory has not lasted for too long.

The subsequent Jumeiyou products were plagued by "fake goods" and "parallel imports" and were once deeply mired in a crisis of trust. Although Jumeiyou has taken many measures to pray for the trust of consumers, the third-party sales of the platform will gradually be converted into self-operated sales, but they have little effect.

In addition, due to the diversification of Jumeiyou products, strategic investments including air purifiers, film and television industry, and shared charging treasures have dispersed the funds for the further development of Jumeiyou products on e-commerce. Coupled with the strong rise of e-commerce platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Vipshop, the influence of Jumei Premium is becoming weaker. The current market value of Jumei Premium is about 2.115 billion yuan, which is tens of billions compared with the 37.6 billion yuan at the peak time.

In just four years, Jumeiyou’s e-commerce giant has gone from glory to decline, and people can’t help but let people It’s awkward. The future e-commerce competition will only become increasingly fierce. What will happen to the future development of Jumei Premium? Is it to maintain the old look or rejuvenate, only time can give us the answer!