Top 15 semiconductor factories ranked! Samsung and Intel win again, TSMC is overtaken by "memory"

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Top 15 semiconductor factories ranked! Samsung and Intel win again, TSMC is overtaken by "memory"

2018-11-15 00:25:27 358 ℃

International Insights IC Insights ranks the global semiconductor factory in 2018. Samsung Electronics has ended Intel's leading path for two consecutive years. This year, it again surpassed Intel's $70.154 billion with $83.258 billion. Unexpectedly, the foundry of TSMC turned to "memory" and handed the position of the world's third-old to the Korean company SK Hynix!

Picture|International Insights IC Insights for 2018 Global Semiconductor Factory Ranking (Source: Ic insights)

Overview of the top 15 semiconductor suppliers in the world in 2018, with annual revenues of at least $8 billion. Eligibility to enter the list. According to IC Insights, the top 15 semiconductor suppliers are Samsung, Intel, Hynix, TSMC, Micron, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Toshiba, TI, NVIDIA, STMicroelectronics, Western Digital/SanDisk , NXP, Infineon, SONY.

Intel, the global leader in semiconductors, lost to Samsung for the first time in 2017, and its dominant position in the semiconductor industry for 25 years was unexpectedly ended. At that time, many industry experts thought that this was a short-lived phenomenon. Samsung would surpass Intel to be purely a contribution to the rising price of DRAM and NAND Flash storage. This is “building a tower on the sand” and it is impossible for a long time.

However, Samsung has not only surpassed Intel this year, winning the championship for two consecutive years, and the lead distance has expanded further. Samsung's 2018 semiconductor revenue is expected to reach 83.258 billion US dollars, an annual growth rate of 26%, while Intel's annual revenue is expected to be 70.154 billion US dollars, an annual growth rate of 14%, the revenue gap between the two from 7% in 2017 In 2018, it expanded to nearly 19%.

Figure|Samsung Headquarters (Source: wiki)

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In 2017, the semiconductor giants staged the first two reshuffles. In 2018, the third and fourth reversal occurred. TSMC, the third-ranked company in 2018, was unexpectedly overtaken by SK hynix this year, reflecting the popularity of DRAM and NAND Flash memory chips.

In 2018, SK hynix estimates that annual revenue will reach $37.731 billion, an annual increase of 41%, progressing to the third place in the world, surpassing TSMC's estimated $34.409 billion. Revenue, annual growth rate of 6%.

IC Insights also said that if the pure-wafer foundry is excluded, MediaTek’s revenue in 2018 will also be ranked in the world’s 15 largest semiconductor plants, estimated year Revenue was $7.9 billion, but revenue growth was only 1%.

The top 15 semiconductor companies have made the most progress in Western Digital / SanDisk, from the fifteenth to the twelfth last year, and the camp The top three companies with the highest annual growth rate were SK Hynix, NVIDIA and Micron, which grew 41%, 37% and 33% respectively. In addition, the only one with negative revenue growth was Qualcomm, which ranked seventh, with a 3% decline.