Samsung Exynos 9820 announced: GalaxyS10 first AI capability surged 7 times

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Samsung Exynos 9820 announced: GalaxyS10 first AI capability surged 7 times

2018-11-15 00:25:32 195 ℃

After a small round of previews, Samsung officially announced its latest flagship processor, the Exynos 9820, on November 14. The processor will be equipped for the first time in the Galaxy S10 series (department country version), we may wish to know in advance which upgrades it has.

According to official data, the Samsung Exynos 9820 uses an 8nm LPP FinFET process, compared to power consumption. The previous generation 10nm LPP process dropped by 10%. It has built in 2 M4 custom large cores + 2 A75 cores + 4 A55 small cores, and the performance is 15% higher than Exynos 9810.

The CPU performance has increased by 20% and the energy efficiency ratio has increased by 40%. On the GPU side, the Exynos 9820 is equipped with a Mali-G76 MP12 GPU. Compared to the Exynos 9810, the GPU performance is increased by 40% and the energy efficiency ratio is increased by 35%.

The most eye-catching processor is the NPU (Neuro Processing Unit) that has been very hot in recent years. Exynos 9820 integrates the NPU for the first time, which also increases the computing power of its artificial intelligence and AR by 7 times. It should be said that this is the biggest upgrade. I believe that after joining it, Samsung will be on the AI ​​function. There are more expansion capabilities.

For cameras, the Exynos 9820 uses a separate ISP that supports up to 5 cameras (including infrared lenses). The flexible multi-camera solution, combined with the NPU, further enhances the shooting experience. In shooting, the Exynos 9820 supports up to 8K 30fps codec, while the storage memory supports LPDDR4X and the highest UFS 3.0 flash.

As for the baseband, it supports Cat.20, downlink 2Gbps, and uplink 316Mbps. Overall, most of the Exynos 9820 projects have been routinely upgraded, the biggest regret is that the 7nm process is not used. And its huge upgrade on the NPU can be said to be worth looking forward to, I believe that after the subsequent launch to the real machine, Exynos 9820 will bring a very strong AI blessing to the new flagship. Add the Keke public account kekebat for more exciting information.

Kecom Comments: The new round of SoC competition has to start again. I don’t know who will laugh at the end this time?