I saw the "family barrel" suit that Apple’s official website just updated. I am silent.

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I saw the "family barrel" suit that Apple’s official website just updated. I am silent.

2018-11-16 00:25:26 328 ℃

A few years ago, Apple’s "four-piece set", which was so easy to be put together, was not expected to be eliminated so soon.

Apple today lined up the "Festival Gifts Selection" page on the official website, recommending five selections of Apple products for 2018. Apple called "new products plus accessories, for Friends and family carefully selected and carefully matched."

The new iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, MacBook and other popular accessories will be released this year. Mix and match, it looks very tall, but I always have a feeling of kidney faint pain.

However, Apple is still a good player in product color matching, such as the following warm color products.

Apple first recommended the golden iPhone XS, gold aluminum case with pink sand sports strap for Apple Watch 4 and AirPods are not only warm and intimate, but also full of gold and sparkle.

How much does this combination cost?

8699+3999+1276=13974, the starting price is close to 14,000, and the iPhone XS Max 512GB version price is similar, expensive?

There is a warm color system, and the cool color is naturally indispensable.

The next Apple recommended is blue and silver, including iPhone XR, silver aluminum The metal case is paired with the Apple Watch 4 with a seashell loopback sports strap or the optional blue sports strap, and the silicone case of the iPhone XS (Apple still wants you to buy an XS).

Looks like a combination of "cheap" and see how much it costs?

6499+3999+399+329=11226, starting at more than 11,000, and the iPhone XS Max 256GB version price is similar, expensive?

The third Apple recommended is the combination of iPhone XS and the new iPad Pro.

This includes the new iPad Pro, the pastel-colored iPad Pro smart double-sided clip, Apple Pencil and iPhone XS.

The price is 6499+679+999+8699=16876, is it expensive?

Finally, Apple also recommended a combination of bright colors for iPhone XR and Apple Watch 4, as well as a combination of iPhone XS, Apple Watch 4 and the new MacBook Air.

Price, you can Count yourself.

Okay, look at it, you don't swell to really want to buy it?
A few years ago, Apple’s "four-piece set" was not bad enough.

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