Full screen is not enough 折叠 Folding mobile phone is next year's trend

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Full screen is not enough 折叠 Folding mobile phone is next year's trend

2018-11-16 20:25:22 132 ℃

Overview of the evolutionary history of smartphones in the past decade, it is a history of the expansion of a screen – from 3.5 inches to 4.7 inches, to a 7-inch screen. But unfortunately, the grip of the human hand is limited after all, so after the size of the screen reaches the apex, the mobile phone manufacturers are desperately trying to increase the screen ratio, and the name is 曰--full screen.

But even if the phone really evolved to hide the front camera to achieve true full screen effect, the screen size of the phone will eventually a vertex.

At this time, is the evolutionary path of mobile phones in a quagmire?

Have you ever thought that a mobile phone can be folded like a paper, so that even if we have a small mobile phone, when the mobile phone is unfolded, we can get a flat panel with a large display area. It not only ensures the portability of mobile devices, but also expands the display area of ​​the screen.

Samsung folding mobile phone

Samsung, which has always had a deep technical background in the display panel, showed us at the Samsung SDC Developer Conference at the beginning of the month. "Infinity Flex Display" folding screen solution.

Samsung folding screen

As the name implies, the "Infinity Flex Display" folding screen is It can be "folded" - when the screen is folded, it is a mobile phone, and when the screen is unfolded, it is a tablet.

ZTE Axon M

You may think this device is familiar to you - a year ago, ZTE also released a Folding mobile phone - ZTE Axon M, in fact, although the ZTE Axon M is also a folding mobile phone, the ZTE Axon M is a splicing of two mobile phones through a hinge, not a full-scale screen folding in a pure sense.

Samsung folding screen principle

Samsung's "Infinity Flex Display" folding screen folds a whole screen. According to the folding screen patent application filed by Samsung, the principle is that the display area of ​​the screen is a flexible substrate, which has the advantages of heat conduction and durability.

In addition, above and below the flexible substrate, there is a dot layer that helps the user to bend the screen.

Don't look at simplicity, think that the folding screen is just the product that Samsung has come up with in mind. As early as 2013, there are rumors that Samsung is developing a folding mobile phone, but by 2018 (it is five years) This technology has only revealed the signs of commercial use.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications President Gao Dongzhen said in an interview that Samsung will officially launch a folding mobile phone in the first half of next year (2019).

I believe that friends who are concerned about the mobile phone industry have also discovered that this time in 2019 is precisely the time when the appearance of the mobile phone is bottlenecked and there is no evolutionary direction. I believe this is the moment that Samsung is waiting for – When the folding screen hits, it will bring a fresh blood to the mobile phone industry.

The system is a big difficulty

It’s a lot of help, and it’s helpless.

Folding screen hardware with a gimmick can only attract consumers' attention, and impress consumers in the experience to achieve commercial success.

Samsung is familiar with the rules of the mobile phone industry.

Therefore, at the SDC Developers Conference, Samsung presented a "Multi-active window" multi-window system interface, although there was no live experience of the system.

"Multi-active window" multi-window system interface

but from the outflow Gif can be found that this system combines the gesture operation of the mobile phone with the multi-window advantage of the PC, and can display three small windows under one window, greatly expanding the multi-task parallel processing speed of the mobile device.

"Screen Continuity" feature

In addition, Google did not make Samsung alone. Going forward, it will provide software support for folding screen devices. In other words, when the Samsung Folding Mobile Phone is launched in 2019, it will be equipped with a "customized" Android system with "Screen Continuity" feature.

From the gif of the "Screen Continuity" feature, you can find that when the phone is folded and not folded, Android can intelligently adjust the software rendering mode - when the phone mode, display resources in a centralized manner; tablet mode When, more content is presented.

Folding mobile phones has become the next competition point for mobile phone giants

In addition to Samsung, some international companies are actively preparing for folding screens.

According to foreign media reports, Vincent Pang, president of Huawei's Western Europe business, said that he will showcase his first 5G smartphone at MWC2019, and this is Huawei's first mobile phone with a foldable design.

FlexPai Mobile

And domestic manufacturer Rouyu Technology has released the world's first foldable flexible in Beijing. The screen phone - FlexPai - its slogan is "folding the next decade."

I believe that readers who have read this article are aware of a problem - rather than step-by-step expansion of a few millimeters of mobile phone screens, it is better to fundamentally subvert the current mobile phone landscape - by folding to bring a higher display area .

Mobile phone manufacturers who believe that they are keenly aware of consumer demand are also aware of this trend, so the giants who master the core technology have turned their course to folding screen phones early.

Therefore, in the future, folding mobile phones is not just a “cool look”, but the inherently portable and high-screen ratio represented by folding will completely subvert our “mobile phone”.