MIUI10, EMUI9 and Flyme7, who is a smoother domestic UI system?

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MIUI10, EMUI9 and Flyme7, who is a smoother domestic UI system?

2018-11-19 10:25:16 134 ℃

When it comes to today's domestic smartphones, you really need to admire their efforts in hardware and design. It is no longer as low-quality as it used to be. Now it has been overwhelming. Variety. What is even more surprising is that they have made great progress in terms of the system, so let's talk about it, in the domestic ui system, the three systems that perform well! Looking at MIUI10, EMUI9 and Flyme7, who is more fluid?


The reason why Xiaomi can have many fans is actually not just because of it With high cost performance, hardware performance with fever, and most importantly, MIUI system can be said to be the best UI at present. Xiaomi MIUI10 has now been adapted to the Android 9.0 system in large quantities. At present, there are more than 30 models to complete this work. The most conscience is the old model that was included three or four years ago. From the overall experience, it can integrate all aspects of convenience, interactive logic is more human, and the design style is relatively simple.

In terms of full-screen gestures and intelligent voice assistants, it is almost the best among the current Xiaomi MIUI systems. Highlights! In the full screen gesture operation interaction, the system operation can be brought to the hand, without obvious hysteresis. On the point of Xiaoai intelligent voice assistant, Xiaomi MIUI10 is now very well trained, and can complete many operations in one sentence. And can also be combined with Xiaomi's hardware ecology, which is currently significantly better than the friends in the MIUI10 system experience.


This year's Huawei EMUI9 also announced that there are nearly 10 models around this year. Huawei EMUI9.0 has gradually accelerated the pace of upgrading and optimizing the system. It has learned that Xiaomi MIUI10 has made smart ringtones and a comprehensive screen gesture system, which gradually improved its experience.

In addition, Huawei has begun to simplify the bloated settings in the external sputum EMUI system, categorizing many settings into In the same project, and this year's glory magic2 also launched the yoyo intelligent voice assistant, which is actually further chasing Xiaomi MIUI10. It must be said that Huawei's system in the past two years has still made great progress.


Maybe Meizu’s recent sales of mobile phones have not kept up in recent years, resulting in Nowadays, Meizu has not made much effort on the Flyme7 system. It lacks innovation and upgrade. In terms of icons and overall appearance, the overall change of Flyme7 is not very large, and it is still a flat design style.

We will find that after some mobile phones are updated to Flyme7, the camera becomes very stuck, and WeChat fingerprint payment occasionally fails. Etc., many users said that Meizu's system is really too bad, totally not as good as before! At the same time, Meizu is adapting to Google's latest Android 9 system this year, and the pace is relatively slower than that of friends.

In your opinion, MIUI10, EMUI9 and Flyme7, who is a smoother domestic UI system? Welcome to talk about your views, let's discuss them together.