Jin Li denied the chairman's gambling, bankruptcy reorganization or success

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Jin Li denied the chairman's gambling, bankruptcy reorganization or success

2018-11-27 20:25:28 132 ℃

According to the economic report of the 21st century, on November 23, Jin Li held a meeting of creditors to discuss whether it was bankruptcy liquidation or bankruptcy restructuring. It is reported that almost all banks agree to bankruptcy and restructuring.

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According to media reports, November 20, Nearly 20 Jinli suppliers had no results after a few months of debt collection, and submitted an application for bankruptcy reorganization of Jinli to the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court.

In March of this year, Liu Lirong’s 41.4% stake and husband and wife’s property were frozen by the court; at the end of March, Jin Li announced that he had laid off 10,000 people in the industrial park, and then started a new round of layoffs; in June, Indian media reported that Jin Li offered a 74% stake in Gionee India with a price of no more than 250 million yuan. On September 27th, in order to discuss arrears, nearly 50 small and medium-sized suppliers gathered Gioni headquarters to defend their rights, and Jin Li, vice president responded, assets The reorganization is still going on, but the hope for success is small, and the next step is to start bankruptcy restructuring.

According to the Beijing Business Daily, Liu Lirong admitted that the company had a problem with the capital chain at the beginning of this year, but he was still optimistic and gave a plan to repay the debt. However, to this day, Jin Li still has no signs of financing and restructuring. Liu Lirong, who promised not to run the road at that time, has been stranded in Hong Kong for several months according to relevant news.

The crisis continues to ferment. On November 23rd, an article entitled "Recovery of the Death of Jinli" was published on the Internet. The article stated that "Liu Lirong lost more than 10 billion in gambling", article He also believes that "the so-called marketing advertising explained by Liu Lirong, chairman of Jinli, has cost nearly 6 billion yuan, which may be an excuse to find this gambling debt."

For this report, Jin Li The statement issued on the 23rd stated that the article had seriously infringed on the company's reputation and the reputation of the company's legal representative, Liu Lirong, by fabricating relevant facts. He also said that the article "confidents with public opinion, inciting the unidentified truth, and causing chaos in the company, causing serious consequences. Will seriously affect the process of reorganization of Jinli."

As one of the earliest domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Jin Li is known in the industry for its "stable" character. "Do not rush, strive for progress, and win in a stable manner" is the evaluation of Jin Li by many industry experts interviewed by the Economic Observer. Just two years ago, as a mobile phone manufacturer, Jin Li’s image to the market was still full of pride: At the beginning of 2016, Gionee proposed an annual target of 45 million units worldwide, including more than 30 million domestic markets and 15 million overseas markets. Above the station.

It seems that between the blink of an eye, the situation has become "a chicken feather": Jin Lishi company debts are ridden, the founder Liu Lirong is even exposed "Saipan gambling loses 10 billion" ... then, always "stable Why did Jin Li, who won in the middle, quickly fall? In response, Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of the China Mobile Alliance, said in an interview with the Economic Observer that the shortage of funds has caused the supply chain to collapse. The suspension of supply by suppliers is the main reason for the growing crisis of the Jinli crisis. Sales, there is no refund."

After the debt crisis, the sales of Jinli mobile phone has shrunk dramatically. According to the statistics of the first mobile phone research institute of the market research institute, in August this year, Jinli's sales ranking dropped to the 11th place. After ranking in Konka, the market share was only 0.6%. According to the statistics of the forward-looking industrial research institute of the data research institute, as of the third quarter of 2018, Jinli mobile phone ranked ninth in the overall sales volume of China's smart phone market, down two places compared with the previous year.

In fact, in the past three years, Jinli’s domestic shipments have been declining. According to data provided by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, Jinli's mobile phone shipments will be 30 million units in 2015, 28 million units in 2016 and 14.94 million units in 2017. In the first nine months of 2018, Jinli's mobile phone shipments were only 4.42 million.

According to the issuer of “16 Gold Debt”, according to the mid-year report of 2017, Shenzhen Jinli Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. has total assets of 21.161 billion yuan, monetary assets of 6.878 billion yuan and net assets of 7.565 billion yuan. Yuan, total debt of 13.796 billion yuan, asset-liability ratio of 64.59%, net profit of 760 million yuan.