Everyday special sale upgrade, Taobao wants to fight more and more positive just

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Everyday special sale upgrade, Taobao wants to fight more and more positive just

2018-11-30 10:25:11 128 ℃

Taobao has put a lot of hits on the bright side.

On November 29th, Taobao Daily Sales held a press conference in Beijing. Tang Song, the general manager of Tiantian Special Sales, said at the meeting that the price war is outdated and the value war is the future. In the next three years, 10,000 custom-made factories will be built.

Alibaba’s intention to fight a lot with a low-priced version has been very obvious. Before the "Daily Specials" was just a channel of Taobao, it was already online in 2010, and "low price" and explosions are its core strategy. According to Tang Song, general manager of the daily sales platform, the daily sales users are younger groups that are sensitive to price in the early stage, mainly distributed in cities of the third line and below, and are also new users. The proportion of female users will be higher. This is almost in line with the current user base, and at the end of 2017, there is data showing that about 40% of users are Taobao users.

The latest data is that the daily average order volume of the daily special channel is nearly 10 million, and this year's double 11 day peak order is 85 million.

Today, "Daily Specials" has not only changed its name to "everyday special sale", but also has a separate app of "Taobao Special Edition", even the "daily must grab" of Alipay bottom bar is also every day. The services provided by the sale. There have been multiple traffic entries, which was originally confusing. This upgrade is also intended to unify multiple brands.

In addition, the daily sale also hopes to change the original mode of the factory. Backed by the advantages of Ali economy and massive consumption data, through the measures of sales forecast and market forecast, setting up dynamic pricing model, and opening up full-link service, the “C2M” flexible supply chain will be perfected to help small and medium-sized micro-manufacturing enterprises complete digital upgrades. Achieve a comprehensive digital transformation of the three core links of "production-sales-logistics".

And this piece of content is also the core that has been proud of before. The interface news has been reported, and a lot of large-scale production has created a number of "selling factories", platform basis and data strength, to help the transformation of traditional factories, and also take the C2M model.

At that time, the co-founder Dada of the United States told the interface journalists that China was the "world factory" in the context of the overall reduction of foreign trade orders, higher labor costs and higher cost of materials. The dividend period has passed and the transition is imperative.

"Developing more from the needs of consumers, through the manufacturers, to reduce risks and provide branding for small-cost businesses. We use commodities as granularity to provide manufacturers with access to a large number of consumers for consumption. Provide the most cost-effective products," Dada claims, "this is the most likely way to achieve C2M."

Now, the daily sales CEO Tang Song almost said the same thing. When asked how much to fight, Tang and Song did not clearly name, but when it comes to "Taobao's brand promotion every day, I don't want everyone to focus on the price again, the price war is outdated, and the value war is the future." /p>

Tang Song said: "The traditional selection model does not solve the problem of the value of the commodity itself. Only by deepening the manufacturing end, using digital transformation to improve the scale production efficiency of the factory, improve the quality of the goods, and lower the price of the goods. In order to empower the industry chain, we will provide users with extremely cost-effective products and achieve sustainable development.”

Every day’s sale offers an example of Zhuji, the “socks” in the industrial transformation. "The second generation of the factory" Yang Gangze and his socks factory are the first beneficiaries of Taobao's daily sale of C2M.

Taobao turned consumer feedback into a quantifiable data evaluation indicator. According to these precise indicators, Yang Gangze quickly modified the socks. For example, the height of the socks was shortened by 5 mm, and the tightness of the socks was adjusted. Degree, fine-tuning the size of the socks, etc., in addition to being closer to the needs of consumers, the modified socks can save an average of 7%-8% of the cost per pair of socks. After being placed on the daily sales platform, it sold 1.53 million pairs in 3 days.

Tang and Song gave a clear goal to build 10,000 custom-made factories like Yang Gangze to help them digitally upgrade.

In the future, the daily sale will also aggregate the e-commerce ecology and live broadcast ecology, and introduce more anchors, talents, stars, etc., such as the live broadcast group just launched, consumers can directly fight in the Taobao live room. group. Even in the future, it does not rule out cooperation with KOL on external platforms such as vibrato and fast hands.