Aunt and bank AI robot \"soul dialogue\", laughed

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Aunt and bank AI robot \"soul dialogue\", laughed

2018-11-30 20:25:15 131 ℃

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With Smart Voice With the increasing power of technology and the demand for efficient services in society, various intelligent robots have emerged, and banking service robots are one of them.

In recent days, a piece of aunt’s video with the theory of banking service robots has been circulated on the Internet and laughed at the audience.

It is understood that this video was taken in a Chinese bank in Changchun, the aunt was waiting The time for handling the business was too long, and the salesman was dissatisfied with the efficiency of the work, and then started a dialogue with the AI ​​robot.

In the video, the aunt asked the robot: "Your staff is picking up children inside, why don't you come out to do business?" What?” The robot replied: “The brothers and sisters in our counter are also working very hard.”

Aunt is not willing, he gently turns the head of the service robot to the counter. "When you go inside, are you kidding?"

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I didn’t expect the robot to say aloud: "Don’t touch me! Just talk to me." "Soul Dialogue" attracted a burst of laughter in the bank lobby.

Auntie sang and responded to the response of the banking service robot milk voice, and netizens saw messages.

Some netizens think that grandmother is very cute, and there is something cute, like in small and small Granddaughter bickering. Some netizens think that this robot is quite old-fashioned, and men and women don’t kiss it.

Aunt and Aunt

AI technology has been increasingly integrated into our lives, and aunts and aunts have different acceptances and understandings of artificial intelligence technology.

◇ Aunt 怼 Robot: Have the ability to sweep the leaves in the bushes

At the 4th World Internet Conference One aunt took one of the robots and saw a photographer taking pictures and blurted out: "Whether the robot will sweep the floor, can it sweep the leaves in the grass?"

◇ Kunming aunt and robot scene "dancing" ◇

This year, at the South Expo held in Kunming, the Naxi robots that danced ethnic dances appeared, making many citizens curious. A Kunming aunt is on the scene. Fighting with the robot.

◇ “Black Technology in the Village” Smart Appliances Exhibition

A smart home appliance exhibition called “Black Technology in the Village”, for Anhui Yuexi Zhongguancun brings many new gadgets that are not inferior to Beijing Zhongguancun, including high-tech products such as 9D movie equipment, smart balance car, VR interactive glasses, Dajiang Elf aerial camera, and electronic flip book. Of course, it is more practical. Massage chair, sole cleaning machine, leafless fan, curved TV, children's watch phone, Polaroid, sweeping robot.

A grandfather, with the help of the staff, barely mastered the smart balance car driven by the center of gravity. After half an hour, he could control the speed. Then he created a set of rides. A technique for balancing pesticides to spray pesticides into the fields.

◇ Unmanned dumpling processing factory◇

Qinhuangdao’s “unmanned dumpling processing factory” Fire, this is a fragment that was previously circulated on the Internet:

Thousands of square meters of factory, clean Neat, the machine does not rest for 24 hours, can't see an employee. From dough noodles, stuffing to kneading dumplings, it is a completely clean and tidy assembly line. The pneumatic gripper can be safely picked up with even soft dumplings, and it is positioned accurately from the grab to the placement.

There are more and more AI technologies

Entering into our lives

< p> Does it cause major changes in the social division of labor?

What do you think?

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