WeChat friends circle is not clear, finally saved

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WeChat friends circle is not clear, finally saved

2018-12-03 20:25:06 327 ℃

A few days ago, when the younger brother got a new mobile phone, he took a photo and sent it directly to the circle of friends.

Unexpectedly, after the circle of friends, the eight brothers immediately found me.

Not the brother said, WeChat can make a snack in the picture.

Send the image in WeChat. If you don't choose to send the original image, it will be compressed by WeChat.

If you compress a large picture, you can save the traffic. But the practice of WeChat is that no matter the size of the picture, you must help the brother to compress it again.

So WeChat became the second software that will push the picture over the green after the post.

But green is very much in line with the WeChat theme.

The chat can send the original image, but there is no way for the circle of friends to send the original image. The first thing that every brother gets a new phone is, of course, to take a few photos.

But after being sent to a circle of friends, the image will be compressed by the WeChat algorithm, which is really impossible to see.

I have spent countless thoughts on my brother, and I have been able to take a few beautiful photos, which was ruined by WeChat.

But today, Brother has seen the hope of solving this problem.

A few days ago, Google launched a web page called Squoosh.app, which was specifically used to compress images.

After using it, it’s so amazing that it’s so good!

Squoosh's function is very simple, open is a big hand to pinch the picture, choose to upload or drag the picture onto the page.

The supported image formats include JPG, JPEG, WebP, and PNG.

After uploading the image, there will be a draggable line in the middle of the image. The left side is the original image, and the right side is processed. The picture is convenient for instant comparison.

You can select the image quality on the left. If the effect is satisfactory, you can download the format directly.

This page not only supports browser access to the computer, but also supports the mobile phone, and is also optimized for the vertical screen. .

But it’s really not so convenient to use this website, but Google’s algorithm It is too strong.

You can take a picture of a foggy day in Guangzhou, and choose 100% quality output after uploading. In the case of not affecting the original image quality at all, it actually reduced the size by 91%.

Even if it is adjusted to 70% of the quality, the brother feels that his naked eye can hardly notice any difference.

Not to mention that the file size dropped directly from 4.5 MB to 300 kB at this time. In the era when the capacity of this mobile phone started in GB, 300 kB is really too small.

The following pictures are all output with 70% quality by default, and the image size is reduced. More than 70%.

has shrunk so much

The first one is the original picture, the second one is compressed, what do you think the effect is?

Don't forget to click to view the big picture.

The effect is so good, of course, I recommend it.

And, Brother found that Google’s algorithm, which uses the Apache license, is completely open source and can be used by anyone.

I feel that the WeChat team is using it! It not only helps you to greatly compress the picture but also helps the user to ensure the effect of the picture, which is both beautiful and beautiful.

As long as the micro-credit is on this set of algorithms, the screenshots of webpage texts will no longer be unclear. It is ok to choose the original map when you send the map, not to mention the young lady in the circle of friends. They are all beautiful.

The brother thought that this was a burst of excitement, not to mention, now I am on the sixth line to the WeChat campus, if they refuse to use this feature, I will...

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