Fingerprint fingerprints to see you again? A stronger fingerprint is unlocked!

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Fingerprint fingerprints to see you again? A stronger fingerprint is unlocked!

2018-12-04 00:25:01 133 ℃

With the fancy of smartphones

There are more and more fingerprints

After all, major mobile phone manufacturers are pursuing

"Real Full Screen"

All show their power

Let your own solutions

This is not the case. Recently, there is news that

Korean scientists (from Samsung Display Research Center)

A transparent fingerprint sensor

"On the phone screen

Fingerprints can be detected anywhere

“Also detect fingertip pressure and skin temperature”

R&D personnel say the technology meets

FBI fingerprinting standards

(Figure from IT House)

Wow, is it so powerful?

It seems that in order to achieve a truly comprehensive screen

the major mobile phone manufacturers have been "sad and mad"

The dark horses are coming to check out today

The fingerprints of all the singers have been unlocked over the years

See which stamps have your G points

< p>Front fingerprint: I think I am the most convenient fingerprint unlocking

"I am afraid that after sleeping at night

The daughter-in-law picks up my handcuffs Hand”

On behalf of the company: Apple, Samsung, Huawei

Millet, One Plus, Meizu, Hammer

represents the model: too much will not say

Remember that when the fingerprint is unlocked,

is unsafe in the sputum

I am afraid that someone is forced to pay for it

As a result, this is now the standard for every mobile phone.

There is a moral improvement behind this

or everyone is single?

Back fingerprint: For the face value, you should compromise it

< p> "I feel that the back fingerprint is not convenient to unlock is too small"

on behalf of the company: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi

on behalf of models: Samsung 8, Huawei mate20

Millet Mix3, Glory play

For good looking positive

Some mobile phone manufacturers

put the phone fingerprint behind

< p> But on the other hand

The phone is getting bigger and bigger

When the back fingerprint is unlocked, everyone knows the pain?

Side fingerprint: I think I am an advanced version of my back fingerprint


"The first reaction to pick up your phone is not to press the power button?"

On behalf of the company: Meizu, Nubia, Sony

on behalf of the model: Charm Blue S6 , Nubian X, Sony XZ1

The old white of the black horse commune particularly likes

the way to unlock the side fingerprint

"The first reaction to pick up the phone is not Press the side button?"

"Sorry, I am used to the home button."

"Do you XXXXX"

Old white is the problem of unlocking this fingerprint

And many editors of Dark Horse have just been a lot of times

Of course, no one has persuaded anyone

Black powder, which kind of unlocking method do you think is more convenient?

Screening Fingerprint: IMHO

The previous unlocking method is spam

"For a full screen, rushing duck!"

On behalf of the company: Huawei, OPPO, Meizu, Xiaomi

Representative models: glory magic2, OPPO R17

Meizu 16th, Xiaomi 8 exploration version

This year's screen fingerprint unlocking is very popular

After all, to make Real full screen

This is probably one of the most effective ways

but the screen fingerprint is targeted

only unlocks a specific area

So this way of unlocking

is not a long-term solution

< Strong>Fingerprint goodbye, everyone to unlock the face together

"3D structured light, Chinese style net red also ojbk..."

on behalf of the company: iPhone

< p>Representative models: iPhoneX, iPhone XS

Full screen this

is Apple Pick it up

Of course it also starts fancy gameplay

It’s in order to make a full screen

in iPhon The Home button has been canceled on e X

The original Touch ID has been changed to

face ID Face Recognition Unlock

When the iPhoneX unlock method was released, < /p>

Asked by many consumers

I don’t think it’s safe

But actually the black horse thinks

The 3D structured light facial used by the iPhone Unlocking

is safer than normal fingerprint unlocking

and now more and more domestic mobile phone manufacturers

are also starting to be on their flagship machines

With 3D structure, the light face is unlocked

For example, OPPO Find X, Huawei mate20pro

So, this is a bit fragrant

No matter which way to unlock

Unlock from the normal button fingerprint to the back fingerprint

From the side fingerprint to the screen fingerprint Unlock to face

What is your favorite?

Message area waiting for you~

End this article with Joe’s father’s sentence

"If you make a product, it's very popular

So you should do other products right now

instead of continuing to polish your previous success

We need to figure out what will happen in the future."

——Steve Jobs

To a better mobile phone

Everyone rushes duck!