Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun’s gamble is just a show! Gree won, Xiaomi did not lose

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Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun’s gamble is just a show! Gree won, Xiaomi did not lose

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Author|Qi Minqian

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As five years ago, when the gambling was just scheduled, Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu both made headlines.

Now, the appointment is approaching, Dong Mingzhu said that Gree won, and that the gambling itself has no meaning. The news came out, again, the headline.

In fact, Gree won, and Xiaomi won. A gamble between Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun, the media for Xiaomi and Gree to play free advertising for five years. Dong Mingzhu is right. The gambling itself has no meaning. The effect of the gambling is meaningful. The gambling is just a show. The people in the overall situation are all spectators.

On December 2, 2018, Dong Mingzhu said in an interview with the media that he and Li Jun’s 1 billion stakes Already basically won. Ms. Dong also said that in fact, the game with Lei Jun itself does not make sense, and the two are not comparable. Gree is a real economy. Xiaomi is an Internet and a light asset.

Dong Mingzhu has always been confident. At the two national conferences in 2014, she said that “five years later, he will lose 1 billion yuan to me, and I have 100% confidence”; Dong Mingzhu smiled at the opening forum of the Shanghai International Trade Fair in 2017, “I will see it next year, no problem. I have already decided, no problem!" When interviewed by CCTV last year, she firmly believed that Gree would win, but it is not important to ask for money. What is important is that people have a passion.

In the face of confidence, Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun did not give in. In 2013, when the gambling contract was first established, Lei Jun said in an exclusive interview with "People" that "Gree will definitely lose"; in 2014, when interviewed by CCTV's "Dialogue" column, Lei Jun once again mentioned "again one. After two years, Gree lost."

The 1 billion gambling slogan for Dong Mingzhu and Lei Lei’s repeated talks began on December 12, 2013, at the CCTV 14th China Economic Year of the Year Awards, as a manufacturing On behalf of the head of Gree Electric Appliances, Dong Mingzhu, and the army leader Xiao Jun, who is the representative of the Internet model, agreed on a "billion gambling contract."

At that time, Lei Jun proposed that within five years, if Xiaomi’s turnover beat Gree, Dong Mingzhu lost me a dollar. Dong Mingzhu counterattacked on the spot: "I bet you 10 billion!"

The five-year gambling period is approaching, Dong Mingzhu said that she won, Lei Jun did not admit defeat, that Gree PK millet, in the end Who is the winner?

From the revenue data, Xiaomi wants to win Gree, and the pressure is still great.

Not long ago, both companies announced the third quarterly report for 2018. According to the data, Xiaomi’s revenue for the first three quarters of this year was 130.5 billion yuan; Gree’s revenue for the first three quarters of this year was 148.6 billion yuan. With only one quarter left in the gambling period, Gree currently leads the millet by about 18 billion yuan in revenue.

Dong Mingzhu mentioned that in 2018, Gree’s revenue will reach 200 billion yuan. This means that if Xiaomi wants to win Gree, the fourth quarter revenue will reach about 70 billion yuan.

From the five years of cumulative revenue, millet pressure is even greater. "Chinese Entrepreneur" reported that Xiaomi's total turnover has reached 456.464 billion so far. Gree's total turnover for the past five years is 622.544 billion. In five years, Gree has a turnover of 166.08 billion yuan more than Xiaomi.

The market value of the two companies can make Lei Jun feel comforted. As of December 3, the total market value of Xiaomi has reached 299.2 billion yuan, more than 70 billion yuan more than Gree's 228.5 billion market value.

In addition, when Dong Mingzhu was deeply entangled with Wei Yincang, Xiaomi has been working hard in the field of AI+loT to speed up the run. Recently, Xiaomi released four major cooperations in one breath, cooperated with IKEA, car and home, and all-season hotels, and entered the three major areas of business travel, automobile, and home improvement. It also announced the launch of a fund of RMB 100 million to create a developer incentive plan.

In the future, everything is possible. Gree and Xiaomi are on the gamble. Who do you think will win?