Lei Junguan Xuan Xiaomi new products more than ten black technology blessing prices have achieved the ultimate

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Lei Junguan Xuan Xiaomi new products more than ten black technology blessing prices have achieved the ultimate

2018-12-04 20:25:23 107 ℃

[极度网-Technical dog news]

Xiaomi Technology founder and CEO Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock will be broadcast live in Xiaomi Mall at 14:00 on December 5th. Crowdfunding release, this is a smart door lock with a C-class smart lock core, full-featured and excellent experience, and the price is the ultimate.

The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock claims to have "more than ten safety black technologies". Specializes in various small black boxes to effectively prevent technology and brute force.

It is designed by the Mijia ID design team. It uses a true ferrule C-class smart lock core and built-in 7 safety sensors to achieve intelligent detection and abnormal alarms. Safety.

Not only that, Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock can prevent children from accidentally touching and locking Password, cat's eye unlock, Tesla coil, copy fingerprint, impact, squat, pull, etc.

More importantly, Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock supports integrated 3D live fingerprint recognition, password, NFC, Bluetooth and other six unlocking methods.

In addition, Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock can also be linked with other smart devices, and the comprehensive strength is very competitive at the same price, which is worth looking forward to.

It is worth mentioning that, recently, according to domestic media reports, At the 2018 Huawei Terminal Security Awards Conference, 360 announced that it has reached a cooperation with Huawei's terminal security reward program, and both parties will conduct more security aspects. Extensive cooperation.

Huawei officially disclosed the "Vulnerability Reward Program" at the meeting, to the invited security The researchers provide up to 1 million yuan in vulnerability discovery rewards and honors to thank, which will undoubtedly inspire more white hats to participate in the research of Huawei mobile terminal product security to continuously improve product security and protect users in all aspects. .

And 360 has made a lot of achievements in mobile phone system security. In 2018, Google publicized the first long-range attack chain in Android history. Among them, the sandbox escape vulnerability CVE-2017-14904 comes from the contribution of the 360 ​​C0RE Team.

In addition to his commitment to security, Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Terminal Software, also said that Huawei has been committed to providing consumers with the most A good mobile phone experience, build security capabilities, and face the safety responsibilities of consumers, share experiences with partners, and cooperate in a wider range of areas.

The cooperation between Huawei and Huawei terminals can be traced back to 360's special machine plan a few years ago. Xiaomi's Internet mobile phone plan, joint mobile phone manufacturers to launch special machines, including Huawei terminals, but in the final stage, the two sides eventually aborted due to other reasons.

It is worth mentioning that According to domestic media reports, China Mobile Hunan Terminal Company has ordered 250,000 at a time. Taiwan 360 security router 2 P3 products.

360 Secure Router 2 P3 is a Gigabit router that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band connections with a transfer rate of up to 1200MB/s and a price of 199 yuan.

It adopts four-antenna design of aluminum alloy casing and won the German iF design award and red dot design. Award two international awards. It is worth mentioning that the 360 ​​security router 2 P3 is equipped with a professional FEM module, which has obvious enhancements for signal transmission and reception.

China Mobile's purchase of 360 routers should also consider the accumulation of 360 in security technology. In 2017 alone, 360 security routes detected a total of 35.789 million user network behaviors, preventing DNS hijacking attacks 3100. Tens of thousands of times, the number of malicious websites blocked was 378.4 million.

China Mobile recently stated at the 2018 World Mobile Conference that safe, smart, comfortable and efficient home life will be The main needs of the digital home in the future. As the entrance to the home network, the router security protection capability has naturally become the focus of China Mobile's research.