Huang Zhangsan combo and sarcasm hole screen: a more perfect solution is no bangs without black scorpion, ice clear jade

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Huang Zhangsan combo and sarcasm hole screen: a more perfect solution is no bangs without black scorpion, ice clear jade

2018-12-05 20:25:04 99 ℃
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I didn’t expect it to be December, there are several new products to be released: December 6th: Lenovo Z5s; December 10th: Samsung Galaxy A8s; December 11th: vivo NEX dual screen version; December 17th: Huawei nova 4... except the vivo NEX dual screen version is similar to the previous Nubian X dual screen flagship In addition, Lenovo Z5s, Samsung Galaxy A8s and Huawei nova 4 even like to discuss the same as the release of the punch screen mobile phone.

The so-called punch screen refers to a circular hole on the screen to prevent the camera and sensor. Of course, the location of the punching depends on the mood of each family. This is the full screen of Xiaomi MIX single chin, the full screen of Apple iPhone X Liu Haiping, the full screen of vivo NEX pop-up, the full screen of OPPO Find X slide, the full screen of OPPO R17, The seventh comprehensive screen industrial design after the Nubian X dual screen full screen.

When it comes to full screen, we have to say Meizu, although it has been said that Liu Haiping has also been like Meizu X8. Liu Haiping mobile phone, but the mainstream flagship still adheres to the design style similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 series, which is the industrial design concept of the left and right no border, the upper and lower borders are extremely compressed. For the perforated screen, Meizu Huangzhang is also quite vocal.

Beijing time on November 29th, there is a charm friend on the hole screen Meizu 16S in the Meizu Forum question Huang Zhang (J .Wong): Do you support such a hole design? In this regard, J. Wong said: I am a perfectionist and have no interest in screen boring; I am only responsible for the anniversary flagship 16s/P and M16/P definitions. Other products that are not of my interest are not my definition. Pursuit comes from love! Suspected to mock Huawei and Samsung.

Beijing time on December 5th, there are charm friends once again published in the Meizu forum related Meizu punch screen design: ghosts Kerosene, the best solution for digging holes.

In this regard, Huang Zhang (J.Wong) issued three DISS punch screens:


Imagining is beautiful. In fact, the front camera dig hole plus black side will be much larger than the size of the icon, it will stand out. And the chin can't be done without any problems. The pictures or photos that look good on the Internet after PS modification have a big gap in actual opportunities. So the more perfect solution in my heart is to make the chin as small as possible while the top frame is symmetric and put the front camera into it. No bangs without black sputum - ice Qing Yujie.


It’s like I’ve said that the sliders or double screens are all in order to take advantage of the comprehensive screen, and it’s easy to violate ergonomics. The program used. Soon they will not continue.


The purpose of innovation is to make better, not simply change. Before you find a better solution, you should do better on the best known solutions. As for the screen camera, the current screen technology can achieve a transparency that is far from the camera requirements of 90%, which will seriously affect the image quality, and can not predict the time point of technical breakthrough.

Huawei or Samsung are all looking forward to the perforated screen and want to be the leader of this slogan. But the ultimate goal of a full-screen mobile phone is the all-round, non-porous machine.

Editor: Wu Yonglong

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