The "misunderstanding" of Xiaomi TV: more than 32 inches, large size is also selling

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The "misunderstanding" of Xiaomi TV: more than 32 inches, large size is also selling

2018-12-07 00:25:01 167 ℃

According to the latest TV size data released by Ovi Cloud: from January to October 2018, the 51-59 inch size segment accounted for 33.4%, 55 inches became the absolute sales force, and 60 inches and above. Size and proportion are also increasing rapidly. Obviously, large-size TVs will become the growth point of the industry.

After industry analysts believe that the reason why large-size TVs of 55 inches and above are gradually popular, mainly price The two dimensions of people-friendly and consumption upgrades have contributed to . In addition, the color TV market is currently entering a replacement cycle, and the market characteristics of this period are the demand-to-quality products, so high-end large-size TVs have become the first choice for the masses.

From the brand point of view, foreign capital has been replaced by domestically produced, but there are not many brands that have achieved significant growth in China this year. Xiaomi TV, which has only been in the past five years, is a small exception. For a long time, everyone’s perception of Xiaomi TV is not enough. Many people always think that Xiaomi TV is only selling well on 32-inch TVs. It is necessary to know the price of low-cost, and it is the inertia of everyone that gives Xiaomi TV a chance.

From Xiaomi TV 3, the size layout is more and more complete. When it comes to Xiaomi TV 4A, the basic 32-65 mainstream size is fully covered, but the 32-inch product breaks 1 million units in 8 months. The results are too amazing, so people can not forget.

Millet TV is equally amazing in high-end large size, and has already achieved the first score in the online size segment.

According to the data of Ovi Cloud, 2017 Q2, public e-commerce channel, Xiaomi TV 49-inch and 55-inch products ranked first in size. Zhongyikang data, in September 2017, Xiaomi TV not only continued to perform outstandingly in small size, 55- and 65-inch large-screen products ranked first in the best-selling list.

And during the 618 this year, Jingdong and Tmall 55-inch and 65-inch size segments were first used by Xiaomi TV products. Take it down. Just past the double 11, Xiaomi TV, in addition to the Jingdong, Tmall, Suning three platform champions, there are 9 major singles to win 42 championships, of which 55-inch and 65-inch products are the first sales of single products, 65 inches Even more crazy, the day alone will break through 100,000 units in 20 hours.

It is not difficult to see from the above that Xiaomi TV has been keeping up with the changes in the size of the TV industry, and the coverage of the user base has become more comprehensive. If the price of the previous Xiaomi TV champion is about 1,000 yuan, then the 55-inch and 65-inch frequency get the first performance, which is a good indication that Xiaomi TV has become the first choice for consumers in the large-size segment, and is increasingly being high-end. User approval. In Jingdong Mall, Xiaomi TV 4A 65-inch rating of 99%, "clear clarity", "reactive", "pure color" has been widely mentioned.

The article mentioned at the beginning of the high-end large size, the reason why the price is close to the people is one of the important reasons. In this respect, Xiaomi TV has always advocated high cost performance. Xiaomi Leijun has put forward the promise that the hardware profit is not more than 5%. Under multiple measures, Xiaomi TV is popular both in small size and mainstream size.

The industry trend is very clear. The competition in the TV market in the future is the competition of large size. Whoever has a better layout and a stronger power in the large-size TV will take the lead in future market competition. machine. At present, Xiaomi TV, which has repeatedly won the largest sales volume on the large-size segment, is expected to be available in the future.