12306 Will the oxen be rubbed on the ground this time?

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12306 Will the oxen be rubbed on the ground this time?

2018-12-07 00:25:07 228 ℃

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In a blink of an eye, in December, the problem of the soul of each working dog is tortured once a year. - When are you going to take annual leave?

Mr. HR Miss today, I will inform you that on February 1st, I will start the annual leave, and everyone who is happy will not be in the mood to open the topic.

Then. . A very clever sand sculpture colleague (not Zhao Yuanqing) was happy. . Put the ticket back! ! ! !

Getting home in advance and getting caught

This colleague of gas, again and again Shouting: Plus the change fee, it is better to buy a high-speed rail!

In fact, he does not buy a train for another reason, because Hangzhou has only one high-speed train every day in Taiyuan. During the peak hours of the Chinese New Year, it is really impossible to get a ticket. .

After ten years ago, in order to buy a New Year train ticket, we had to move a small bench to the train station in the early morning. At that time, the ticket did not have a real name system, and it could not stop the ticket seller from occupying the front position of the window. They are familiar with the hottest route and hardly give the normal ticket buyers a chance.

The ticket sellers all have small gangs, and ordinary people can only swallow their voices when they meet in the queue. .

In order to curb the rampant behavior of the ticket sellers, China Railway Corporation has developed the “Railway Ticket Sale and Reservation System”, which is known as 12306.

This is the website that the Railway Administration has created for everyone to buy tickets, so that people don’t have to run the train station at any time. Book tickets at home and get the number of tickets. .

The result, good intentions to do a bad thing, this thing eliminated the ox that will only line up at the train station, but spawned the ox on the network to use the script to grab tickets!

This kind of online ox is much more efficient than the offline ox, efficient, quantitative, and anti-reconnaissance. . Coupled with the 12306 network thief weak chicken at that time, it did not cope with the traffic shock of not buying a large number of tickets, and it went on strike, and the 12306 at that time was called a miserable.

In order to suppress the scalper, 12306 was launched on the real-name system, and the verification code was checked. . As a result, the yellow cattle did not block, and the normal person who shot the gun pulled a large number. .

After so many years of fighting, the scalper is now a lot less in advance, because the threshold is a bit High, but the remaining oxen are considered to be highly sophisticated. Every time 12306 changes a bit, they are the first to crack.

And the refresh rate of 12306 is too low. Many people will encounter the situation that they have no ticket when they just voted. In order to improve the success rate of ticketing, everyone has to pay for the travel company such as Zhixing and Ctrip. For this reason, 12306 did not complain. .

It must be said that these travel software is very user-friendly

gives a variety of solutions, one-click operation and peace of mind

Two days ago, 12306 technology leader Dan Xinghua told the media that they would go online with a heavyweight function and try to get everyone out of the ticketing software.

This function is "Alternate ticket purchase", if the ticket purchaser does not grab the train ticket that he wants to buy, he can register on the platform first, pay the deposit, if there is a refund When the remaining votes are released, the platform will be replaced in the order according to the order of registration at that time.

This way, the method of intercepting Hu with the ticketing software is completely cool. Moreover, the scalper operation of the scalper's instant refund of the ticket is also completely invalid, it is indeed a coup ~

But this method will not completely eliminate the ox, after all, the most essential of dry black products It is the spirit of drilling holes. .

Know about @Arctic many methods used by ox

Maybe, It depends on facial recognition, and the faces of the outbound pits must be exactly the same as the train ticket information to cure them. .

In addition to the “alternate ticket purchase”, the future 12306 will also cancel the ticket purchase time limit. In the past, because the server was unstable and the performance was poor, 12306 made a lot of compromises, including the time to purchase tickets only from 7:00 - 23:00, and it was also afraid that there would be no problem in the middle of the night. .

In the past two years, 12306 has made great efforts in software and hardware. For a long time, no one complained about the website card or the situation. Confidence in your own technology has become the basis for its open night ticket purchase~

and the recent 12306 upgrade is really big, not only the take-out function, but also the original cottage. The design style has provoked a lot of folks to cry: "12306 Finally, I have money to hire artists."

From thousands of people People, it’s not so much to everyone, maybe it’s not growing so fast, maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s still improving, isn’t it?

I wish 12306 to fight the oxen as soon as possible.

Image Source: Bad Review Picture from YORK Network Reference: Beijing Youth Daily, "Awaiting Tickets" is a small step in human service.

" I heard that the new feature was launched in the Spring Festival of 2019."