China's first domestic quantum computer control system was born

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China's first domestic quantum computer control system was born

2018-12-07 10:25:04 249 ℃

Zhongguo Xinhe Hefei December 6 (Reporter Wu Lan Zhang Jun) Hefei Yuanyuan Quantum Computing Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yuanyuan Quantum) announced on the 6th that the company developed China's first quantum computer with complete independent intellectual property rights. The control system was born in Hefei.

Data Sheet: Key Laboratory of Quantum Information, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China. Zhongxin News Agency Sun Zifa Photographer

Guo Guangcan, director of the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that quantum computer is a complex system. In addition to the core chip, the operation control system is one of the important core devices.

At present, most quantum computer R&D teams are still using their own commercial equipment to build their own quantum computer control systems. Because traditional scientific instruments are only responsible for a single signal output or acquisition task, they are expensive and incompatible. Series of problems such as redundant functions and difficult integration.

In response to this technical problem, the original quantum has made innovative use and research and development of semi-conducting and superconducting qubits, and developed a streamlined and efficient quantum computer control system - the original quantum measurement and control machine OriginQ Quantum AIO combines the functionality of all quantum computing control systems into a single machine that can fully control quantum chips.

The chairman of Quanyuan Quan, Kong Weicheng, said that if quantum chips are the "brains" of human beings, quantum computer control systems are like the "backbone" of human beings. Quantum software, applications, and language are equivalent to "the flesh and blood." ". Quantum computer control systems are an integral part of quantum computers, enabling quantum chips to maximize their performance advantages.

It is reported that the officially launched quantum quantum measurement and control machine can provide the key signals required for the operation of the quantum chip, and can also process the information returned by the quantum chip and execute the compilation of the quantum computer program. It will be mainly applied to the research and development of quantum chips and the principle of quantum computer. It provides the operating environment and interface of quantum chips, provides the signal generation, acquisition, control and processing required by quantum chips, and is applied to precision measurement and basic scientific research. Radar detection and other fields.

Kong Weicheng revealed that on the basis of the development of the control system, it is planned to launch a quantum computer prototype with 30 quantum bits in the next three years.

Guo Guangcan believes that in addition to chips and control systems, quantum devices that are really useful quantum computers require a lot of quantum elements. The development of this quantum computer control system is an important step in the US vector computer. (End)