Xiaomi was exposed to develop new camera technology, Xiaomi 9 killer?

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Xiaomi was exposed to develop new camera technology, Xiaomi 9 killer?

2018-12-07 10:25:05 98 ℃

IT House December 6th news at Xiaomi MIX 3 conference, Lei Jun once ridiculed his camera department, said: "I said that your camera department is right, this year can have a year-end award, only one goal, is Can you turn over Huawei?"

In fact, from the published results, Xiaomi MIX 3's camera ability has exceeded Huawei's P20, but there is still a gap with Huawei's P20 Pro. So, will Lei Jun set the goal of Xiaomi’s camera team to turn the P20 Pro into 2019? After all, this phone has dominated the DxOMark rankings since its release.

According to the foreign media Android Authority report, Xiaomi is developing a new photographic technology, which belongs to an artificial intelligence technology to improve underexposed photos. According to reports, Xiaomi's new AI photography technology will be called DeepExposure and has been trained in thousands of images.

From the photos taken, the overall brightness has been greatly improved by the processed photos, and the details are clearly visible, and the noise control is good.

So, will Xiaomi 9 released next year use this technology? After using it, can you turn it over to P20 Pro? It is worth looking forward to.

▲The left column is the original photo, and the middle and right columns are the processed photos