Ten million users will share 3 cents each. Mutual treasures show the first mutual assistance application.

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Ten million users will share 3 cents each. Mutual treasures show the first mutual assistance application.

2018-12-07 20:25:38 102 ℃

Text | Yiming

At the end of last month, Alipay announced that each other would be upgraded to mutual treasure. The biggest feature of this product is "one is sick, everyone pays". On December 7th, “mutual treasure” announced the first mutual assistance application for verification: a 5-year-old girl who was seriously injured by an accident will receive 300,000 major illness mutual aid funds.

The public information showed that the girl was accidentally dropped and received a craniotomy at Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University on November 18, in line with the conditions for applying for mutual help for accidental illness during the waiting period. After the third-party investigation company interviewed the members and their families, the accident occurred and the hospital visited, the situation was further verified.

In addition to the details of the case, in order to ensure the transparency of the information, the medical certificate, discharge summary, and surgical record were also issued. And other information, and the block of the data is stored in the block.

According to the rules, the publicity period will last for three days, that is, during the period from December 7 to 10, if no other member disputes the application, the girl will be on December 14th. Successfully get mutual help money.

Mutual Treasure is a mutual help and mutual aid service on Alipay, formerly known as “mutual protection”. Ant members with sesame seeds of 650 and above do not need to pay when they join. After joining, in case of major illness, you can enjoy mutual assistance of up to 300,000 or 100,000, and the expenses will be shared by all members.

Because it can join 0 yuan, enjoy the mutual help of major illnesses, and the amount of each member's case for each single insurance case does not exceed 0.1 yuan, which is very popular. Alipay said that the product will get 10 million users in 7 days.

However, two weeks ago, Alipay official Weibo announced that "mutual security" was upgraded to "mutual treasure", no longer docking "Shinmei Life Insurance Mutual Insurance Agency Mutual Insurance Group Severe Disease Insurance", products from Internet insurance Transformed into an Internet-based mutual aid program, the reason is generally believed that its partner, Xinmei Life Insurance, was interviewed by the regulatory authorities and was suspected of violating the rules.

After the upgrade, Alipay promised that the mutual mutual treasure will retain the original rights and interests of the users, and the 2019 annual apportionment amount will be capped by 188 yuan; the management fee will be reduced from the original 10% to 8%; in addition, in 2018, 12 Users who join the "mutual treasure" before the 31st of the month, the cost sharing involved before January 31, 2019 will be borne by Ant Financial, users do not need to pay.

It is reported that there are more than 10 million users of "mutual treasure", plus the "mutually protected" users who have not upgraded. The total number of members has exceeded 20 million. In this regard, ant Jinfu related persons indicated to the Observer Network that users who have upgraded from “mutual security” to “mutual treasure” are already in the new mutual assistance plan, and there is no need to share the “mutually protected” users. This time, each person needs to share about 0.03 yuan.