Screen fingerprints, 91% screen ratio, these mobile phone black technology became standard in 2018

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Screen fingerprints, 91% screen ratio, these mobile phone black technology became standard in 2018

2018-12-12 10:25:15 152 ℃

Some people say that the mobile phone industry is like a plastic surgery hospital. Going in and coming out is another completely different look.

In 2018, everyone was not satisfied with the red face of Liu Haiwang last year, and it was reworked to re-establish the aesthetic. The Meizu mobile phone, which pays attention to design, also became the leader of this “Aesthetic Renaissance” with the innovation of ultra-high screen ratio, screen fingerprint, positive symmetrical design and kiln white craft.

Without any compromise, up to 91.18% of the screen is within reach

From last year to this year, the screen is the most concentrated point of smartphone innovation, lifting cameras, sliders, dual screens, all kinds of creative solutions, They have only one purpose: to increase the screen ratio, so that there is only one screen on the front of the phone.

From this ultimate goal, Meizu 16th is the most thorny, but the fastest way to reach. Through deep cooperation with Samsung, re-opening the custom 6-inch rounded screen, and then hiding the Home button on the chin and the sensor on the forehead, the Meizu 16th screen ratio reached 91.18%.

It doesn't require any sacrifices in your use compared to other programs. Don't worry about the durability of the mechanical lift camera, don't mind the slippery design workmanship. It can be used up, no need to learn, this is the logo of Meizu design, the simple things to do the ultimate, users do not need to think.

Intra-screen fingerprint black technology blessing, Meizu 16 X into universal pioneer

for quite a long time When the iPhone can use the fingerprints on the screen, it is the topic that the media is keen to chase. But Apple chose Face ID face recognition, and the in-screen fingerprints became the choice of a handful of Android flagships.

The true popularity of fingerprint technology in the screen begins with the Meizu 16 series. In the design blueprint of Huang Zhang, the fingerprint inside the screen is naturally suitable for ultra-high screen ratio design. More importantly, Meizu has a good gene in Mtouch fingerprint recognition. Meizu users have deep dependence on fingerprint recognition.

So Meizu chose to bring it to the mainstream price, Meizu 16th became 2500 yuan model The crab-eater, Meizu 16 X, took it to the 2000 yuan file. Above the price, Meizu has also achieved the beauty, the 16 series of on-screen fingerprints in the recognition rate, recognition speed (0.2s unlock), are the same level as the past physical fingerprints, seamless transfer.

6400 hits against the fuselage, a great initiative of the thousand yuan machine

After the full screen popularity, People are missing the "roaring walnuts" and "military quality" of the Nokia era. In fact, the durability of smart phones is mostly reflected in the "three defenses" function, and it is difficult to achieve the fall of the screen because of the fragility of the screen.

Meizu found after investigation that the most difficult point to cut is the thousand yuan machine user. The most concerned place. They need not only cost-effective but also durability.

Meizu Note8 uses a one-size-fit, all-metal body that has better protection than glass. Secondly, the nano-cushion pad, high-toughness nylon protection ring and high-strength die-casting aluminum alloy frame were added inside. The laboratory has experienced 6400 drops and no broken screen. It is rare and practical to put on thousands of dollars and even the flagship. Innovation.

When Xiaolong 710 meets Vulkan optimization, Qianyuan Machine Incarnation Game Machine< /strong>

The rise of mobile games broke through the "secondary wall" this year, and the chicken and the king took turns to tease the players. On the thousand yuan machine, the topic is: Who can run at full frame.

For example, Meizu X8 is equipped with the most Qualcomm midrange processor at the price of 1598 yuan. Excellent Snapdragon 710. In order to completely release the full potential of the new god U, Meizu also jointly developed the Vulkan model with Tencent Lab. Vulkan enables GPUs to perform graphics rendering more efficiently, while power consumption is low and 3D game fluency is greatly improved.

From the test point of view, Meizu X8 has a comparable flagship model experience in large games, with an average frame rate of 59.97 frames, even with no 845 processing in Vulkan. The flagship machines are smoother and smoother. (Meizu uses Qualcomm processor models, all added Vulkan mode after the update)

Insert a sentence, the price is very conscience Meizu X8, has been reduced by 100, as long as 1498 Take it home.

Summary 2018 This year, Meizu can be called "attack" in terms of technological innovation. "Giant", from the flagship machine to the thousand yuan product line, has a black technology blessing that makes people shine, and use the products to give back the trust of kerosene.